I’m gonna eat a little from now onwards. No more “Foodie Salimah” ? I don’t know.

Well, life has been pretty much nice and easy even though there were ups and downs here and there. Before holidays started , I was a little busy in school til I didn’t really have time to eat breakfast and lunch. But But But But that didn’t stop me from eating , I have caring classmates who would buy me food such as snacks and fruits which I really didn’t expect that they would get it for me without me asking for it! From there, I’ve been eating good foods and been constantly eating and going out JUST TO EAT . Every time I decide on a location to meet up with friends , ITS THE FOOD that concerned me more

Be if its my favorite Moroccan cuisine foods or Italian , Indian , Malay , Indian-Muslim ( Indian Muslim food tastes slightly different from Indian and Malay foods ; if you’re not aware ) and lastly our favorite FAST FOODS . In addition , overseas too .

Hence , posting what I eat most of the time makes me feel good HEHEHEHE . I have people coming to me saying that I’m such a big eater so on and so fourth . But that didn’t stop me from eating either .

At the same time , most of my friends do know that I’m not a fan of sports . Hey , don’t judge me ! I used to be active as a netball player during my secondary school times ! ( before conflicts started among my seniors and myself in Dunearn )
Great eater who doesn’t exercise , I’m insane hahahahaha !! I don’t see any wrong eating thrice in restaurants or coffee shops . Those who judge definitely can’t finish up half of bowl clean LOL
I am not sure if you find me irritating hehehehe as my bro as well as one of my friend Parimal has been asking me to work out , gym and whatsover relating to exercising hahaha ! He would always push me to go for a jog atleast once a week and Pari would ask me to work out ( I’ll never forget that hahaha !! ) Not forgetting Tosh , HE EVEN ASKED ME TO PLAY FOOTBALL AND I’M LIKE BRUHHHHHHHHH !!! Okay honestly , I’ve never been to the gym up to the time when a fitness instructor ( some random person which I don’t know ) approached me and my bestfriend . It’s all those crazy big ass machines and metal objects when I stepped into the gym . From my view , the place is crazier than how I eat . Hmm , would be great if anyone could accompany me to the gym since some people have been passing rude remarks about my body .

I haven’t been on Twitter for quite some time as I felt I should distance myself for a while
Twitter don’t really make you feel better all the time lol . In fact , you end up pouring all of your feelings out which I feel it’s not necessary for some people to know . Blog posts is something not many would read as it’s too wordy ?

It saddens me when they repeatedly comment sarcastically about my body
Don’t get me wrong , I wasn’t reffering to concerns . It’s silly remarks that some are trying so hard to make it sound “concerning” . There is big difference there
They praised you one moment and gives u negative remarks another moment ( that makes no sense at all i swear ) …
I mean HELLO ????!!!!
I don’t demand any compliments
Same for labelling or calling myself “pretty” NO I DONT DO THAT
Something I wanna share , I don’t live for guys
So whatever guys think of me and makes them not want me due to my physical appearance really doesn’t matter to me
Don’t make it seem like he will divorce or break up with you just beacuase you grow fat
Encouraging me to slim down using stupid excuses really pissed me off
I don’t know , it’s really hard for me to say
I don’t wish to lose weight ? Looking thin looks ugly on me i guess
It’s really saddening for me
On top of this , I’m sure I’m not to blame for all this.

After so much of ranting , I think I’ve disappointed myself by making myself affected .
I’m not sure if I should end here , HAHAHHA WILLIAM IS SOMEONE WHO CAN ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS OR ISSUES , based on my experience


Thank you so much to those have been supporting me and giving me positive advices . Putting aside some who gave nasty remarks , I am blessed to have such nice people by my side . It’s 2am now , I’m not gonna write much !
I hope I can make time for myself often in the future to write ; I’ve missed out on many occasions.


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