I hosted for NE Dialogue 2016


I’m so happy to be back sharing with you that I hosted another event !! I am so been doing it passionately .
My favorite teacher Ms Aini ( whichh is my CCA teacher ) referred me to one of the Section Head. She spoke to me and asked me whether I would like to host for a formal event in school . All I said was “YES YES!!” I’ll never say No to Opportunity !! She made my day ; Every time when people come to me and give me stage / host opportunity !! I just love facing the audience . This happened before I hosted for Speak Good English Movement Event . 2 events to host , I was really looking forward to that !


Honestly , rehearsals were so heartbreaking .
I was surrounded by lecturers I don’t know ( that was fine ! ) , they were all staring at how I talked , rehearsed , walk , stand etc !! There was once I actually mispronounced a word ( hahahaha !! ) and guess what ? I got yelled by one of them . Urm …. yea
Thankfully I was given a rostrum to host for the event !!
If you’re not sure what a rostrum is , it’s something like a raised platform you see during formal events , used for public speaking .


I nearly sob at the same time I was a little pissed with one of the lecturer who yelled at me again and again . I was told that I didn’t project my voice . I am always loud , I don’t get how loud he wanted it to be . I’m okay with elders yelling at me , but I was yelled at in front of audience during my full dress rehearsal day . And , I’m hosting alone
So … if you think hosting or training to be a good emcee is a cool or easy thing ? YOU ARE WRONG . I was so nervous to host for the actual day event . I was not nervous due to stage fright , but the male lecturer who had very high expectations on me .
I practiced and worked on my voice projections while I was home . I felt discouraged and I tried distracting myself by chatting with Durga , Parimal and some others .

I can’t do anything to make myself feel better other than to not stop practicing the correct flow of speaking . Maybe I was a little exhausted on – off . Definitely , lectures , section heads and course manager had expectations , high expectations .

I deeply understand that this event is involving important guests such as the Minister and Parliamentary Secretary ( Minister for Education , Ong Ye Kung )
Through this , I learned to be more serious and independent when it comes to solo – hosting .

Thank You God !!

Any hosts feels happy that isn’t any changes to the event , means she / he is not a good host ( so dumb ! )
Oh my god .. Is that quoted by me
No event is a fixed thing !

Thankfully , NE Dialogue event went well and smoothly , I was able to interact with Minister Ong while hosting the audience . I went to the refreshment corner and was chatting with Shaznay when a guy approached me . we shook hands AND HE WAS SHOWERING ME WITH COMPLIMENTS , and He’s one of the MOE Officers .

Hereby , I would like to thank my ITE seniors , classmates , lecturers , section heads , course manager . family and friends who have been supporting , encouraging me and giving gifts and  sweet good luck messages everywhere !! Thank  you ! I really really hope to host more events in future


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