My First Time Dancing? Oh yes

Heyyy Everyone!!!!
It’s been awhile yea and some of my friends has been asking why I haven’t been updating my blog here.
My schedule is tight and packed !! 😥
I hope I can use my free time now to update you guys what have I been up to recently. 🙂

You saw it from the post title “My First Time Dancing” yes but before that hosting comes first hahahahaha! Recently, I had to meet up with my CCA teacher (Campus Radio) Ms Aini, who was in charge of SGEM event organized by Campus Radio itself.

Speaking of SGEM, Speak Good English Movement is basically a mini event hmmmm , a workshop whereby ITE College West school lecturer and a few guests speakers will be presenting and conducting activities for selected students (which is the students lurh).  In addition, giving talks on public speaking to educate them on how to improve presentation skills. Interesting! You all know I love presentations and public speaking! hahaha!


I am grateful to be given the opportunity to host SGEM event! Hosting again?! YAY

What I always tell Eka, my DJMate, I love love hosting for formal event, you get to dress up and talk formally looking so professional , I like it 😉 Oh yea, Eka was the camerawoman for the event!

Ms Aini selected me to be the host and I was asked to find a co-host for SGEM event.

After approaching some student DJs, I couldn’t managed to find a co-host.

I got Jay as my co-host. He seemed interested with no experience in hosting so I told him why not give a try hosting for SGEM event. After a few hosting rehearsal, I noticed that once Jay starts talking by looking at the script, he will start reading my lines which I swear it’s annoying. The night before SGEM event day, I was so god damn worried til I spoke to Shan about it. Right after we had a good talk, thank you so much?

I had 2-3hours of sleep before the actual event day which took place last Wednesday. It wasn’t easy. When you were struggling to be strong emotionally. Extremely upset and having to face hundreds of audience and doing a speech and hosting…. It doesn’t sound easy. But with god’s help and my sis durga encouraging me on the phone, BIG THANK YOU TO THE BOTH OF YOU. Person is dead, but memories never die. I am happy. I swear I am happy. Thank you Dhi(Durga), you told me upteen times on the phone at 2am before SGEM event day; you said SGEM will be one of the best day I will experience in ITE. Yes, it really happened; it’s true. Thanks to my sis. Without her and god’s help, I wouldn’t be this strong. Moreover, Shan never disappointed me, Shan was there for me, dealing with my nonsense and make my day. Sadly, I can’t deal with your stupidity. Unfortunately with his auntie story, he turn himself into a monster. Actually, you look like one too wokey? Jolly well head their advice if they ever asks you to jump off from a building. Hahahaha!!

Back to my co-host story 👍

Thankfully I warned him quite a number of times and that didn’t happened on the actual day itself. It is just that his hands were shaking, his nervousness is obvious by looking at his facial expressions.

Nevertheless, I understand that he have stage fright and talking loud infront of crowd is not what he usually do. Unlike me, I’m always loud hahahaha!! Honestly speaking, what disappointed me was he did not really take initiative to know what was going on during the event. Even before the event. I was at the ladies when Ms Aini spoke to him. He passed me a small piece of note in which Ms Aini wrote in that small piece of note. I was not aware what was happening, so did he. But he didn’t really willing to ask Ms Aini but to rely on me instead by pushing the job to me. Hmm, I don’t blame him for that. But was kinda disappointing lah… He is 18 year old accounting student while I’m his junior…. Definitely in some areas I expected something good. He isn’t confident talking, I understand. But seemed like he don’t bother putting any effort to ensure everything is smooth…. When i asked him questions he couldn’t tell me anything on what Ms Aini told him until I spoke to Ms Aini personally to ask. He mentioned to me “I don’t know, you just do for me” What the hell?Can you imagine if I was on MC on that actual day itself? hahahaha Great thing was? He had the courage to come and spoke to the audience!

Having Professional Emcee Sean as my inspiration host, I managed the hosting as well as the event well whew. Sean would always tell me : when it comes to hosting or any other duties that requires you to hold responsibilities, always clear doubts and ensure you know what is happening and know what to do.
When I observed him Sean while hosting with him, I learned alot not through his words, but how he actually stepped forward , took initiative and went all around to figure out solutions and clear doubts.
Sometimes you feel awkward having to ask countless of questions…
Honestly speaking, it is much better to ask questions than to stand there, freeze and acting like you know everything. When it comes to hosting and you are unsure of what is happening, good luck to you then.


Guess who was the guest speaker that day?
Singapore Media Personality in television as well as radio!!

Well, I remembered listening to Jade Seah on 987FM when I was young. 24 October 2016 which was last Wednesday, she came and gave a short speech and we chat hehehe

I managed to take a few pictures and videos with her!


I would like to thank gorgeous Ms Aini for giving me a great opportunity to build myself up slowly in hosting. I am definitely looking forward to improve myself in public speaking and my presentation skills! To more hosting please thank you ❤❤❤

And also special thanks to Campus Radio crews who were there helping out SGEM event, making sure the event went smoothly! You guys did an awesome job!

First Time Dancing!

Yes Finally I’m at this topic. I am not a dancer, I don’t dance. I never dance and never will til Ms Wong called out my name to perform for an event called BSV Got Talent. BSV Got Talent event is basically where all Business Services course students compete among one another on stage. Be it dancing, drama, singing or rapping ( but none rapped hahaha! )

My class including myself weren’t interested for this at all. Ms Wong called out some names as well as myself and we were asked to discuss on what to perform. The girls and I decided to perform Bollywood Dance as it will attract audiences’ attention compared to hip hop or pop dance which are somehow mainstream. Meanwhile we did Bollywood dance, Andy ,Hakim and two other girls decided to sing. Combination of the westerns and indians? Awesome! It’s like having Thosai for breakfast and burgers for lunch.

It wasn’t an easy experience for me as I know I’m never good in dancing. Knowing that Ms Wong pointed me out to be one of the Bollywood dancers, I couldn’t bear myself rejecting opportunity….. I don’t know why but I get upset whenever I reject opportunities.So means I never say No to Opportunities unless I have a good reason behind that.

I was the slowest when catching up the dancing steps. Our cheographer , also one of the dancers and it is Shaznay! So great to have her as our cheographer. Not only she taught us one by one the dancing steps, she ensured everyone is okay and enjoy the dance! She taught us simple dancing steps knowing that most of us are somehow beginner dancers and especially in Bollywood Dance.

Alternate Days we stayed back right after class for our dance rehearsal. Non stop until we did it.

And This is Jia Yan! She’s not one of any performer but she was there with us during our dnace rehearsals to support us and keep me entertained hehehehe!! So cute lah she

Thank you Abigail for the awesome twin braids! It took so long when you were braiding my hair, you mentioned my hair is the longest hair you have ever braided? hahahahaha I appreciate your effort dear!

Furthermore, I enjoyed applying makeup on Shasha and Abigail hhehehehe!!

Unexpectedly-Surprisingly, we won 3rd place for Business Services Got Talent Day 2016 and out of 3 winners, so happy to hear that we are the only Year 1 students who won! Good Job my beautiful fellow dancers and talented singers!!

This is Ms Wong, who would always target me and I’m actually afraid of her….

She’s a good teacher when she indirectly target us constantly. I love her ever since she nominated me to host previously! She targeted me again, even when I told her I can never dance , I can host for you.

Ms Wong, as a teacher, she proved me that with the positive willingness not to reject opportunities, is one of the key to know your strengths and weaknesses gradually, succeed.

I hosted an event and danced for another event and it happened in the same week itself. I am proud to say “I did it” despite losing someone.Having to face and talk to hundreds of audience after a bad night the previous night, it wasn’t easy. But I made it. How?

Tell yourself you are a coward if you choose to lose golden opportunities. By taking in and seeking opportunities, you will grow and explore. Seeing and facing new challenges, friends, environment and workmates will change your inner self positively if you are willing to be positive.

Looking back, I didn’t realized it is actually an emotional achievement till I know hardwork pays off and knowing how much I endure and choose to be positive.

I hope my blog post helped you in some areas based on my experiences. Remember to always seek opportunities and show off to your haters when you achieve!

That’s all I have for today! ❤❤


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