Yay I hosted with a SMU Student!

Since my friends has been asking why am I not updating my blog, so here I am back to share with you guys something.
And SINCE there are still people asking me what I was up to recently.

This is what happened.

Well, I was lucky enough to be picked by one of my CCA teacher, Ms Wendy. She texted me through Whatsapp asking me whether I am interested to emcee an upcoming event in my school. ( Usual me ) I screamed out of joy yayy
Shaznay was sitting next to me and I told her that too. She was happy and asked me to give it a shot since I like hosting and hosting opportunity have yet to come to me. Here it is, after so long always staring at emcees and wishing I could be like them.

“If you were to be a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?”
That sounds like a dumb question to be honest.
After so long trying to join the Student Council just for the blazer and I got rejected.
Oh ya, if I have not mentioned about how I got rejected…..
I went for a group interview for Student Council. The EXCOs look so good and formal , I like how they get to wear blazers all the time hahahaha
I went there all prepared for a formal-kind of interview.
If you think my reason for joining the SC is a dumb reason, you may wanna read this further.
After being asked a few questions, guess what question I was asked?
“If you were to be a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?”
“If you were to release a debut hit album, what would you name it and why?”
and another informal , very informal question I can’t recalled.
So I burst out of laughter. OMG I seriously can’t control my laughter. They were quite stunned, I guess.
Could you imagine if you were all prepared for a formal interview and this was what the interviewer asked you?
Yes. Personally, maybe they were trying to make this interesting. I was interested by that too, by bursting out of laughter.
After a week , I  found out that I wasn’t selected for Student Council. Maybe being a leader is not my thing, but an entertainer. i guess.


I told Ms Wendy that I am looking forward to host the upcoming event. She referred me to another teacher who was in charge of that particular event.
She called me for a rehearsal. I was quite nervous knowing that my emcee partner is a male and he may be my senior in school ( Higher Nitec )
But when I met him, I found out that he HE IS A STUDENT FROM SMU ( Singapore Management University )
I was quite shock but yet excited too as they are way more experienced than us, there are definitely so many things we can pick up as learning points from them.

Ooh ya the event is Citi-SMU & ITE Financial Literacy Awareness Day Closing Ceremony that took place few days back on 18 August 16 at ITE College West Auditorium. Basically competition among students from  ITE West , ITE East and ITE Central .


Some pictures were taken during the rehearsal day if you notice Professional Emcee Sean was not wearing a tie hehehe
He is indeed a Professional emcee and he needs to be on TV , I swear !!!!!!
He is the best host I’ve ever seen/met in my life , OMG
Therefore, I am so blessed and lucky that I was given the opportunity to host with him.
He is not the type of typical smart people who expects their host partner to be perfect or or meet his expectations. In fact , he didn’t had any expectations for me. He was there guiding me here and there on how to be cool and steady on stage. I learned quite alot of tips from him and also through observing him. Hosting and handing an event is certainly not and never easy. On the side note, he was not there only to host but also to handle the event preparation. Sounds like it’s his event hahahaa

My first speech rehearsal for this event was quite badly and horribly done. I have no idea why I am speaking too fast whenever I’m up for a speech or a presentation.

I was called to meet up with Ms Lisa for a few times personally to buck up on my pronunciation and speaking skills. It was quite tough and upsetting when I was try hard  to get to Sean’s speaking level as how Ms Lisa guided me on speaking skills.

I prayed and practiced before I go to bed in order not to disappoint anyone there including Sean and Ms Lisa as well as the young fit man who is always in black. I have no idea what is his name until the actual event itself I heard people calling his name. And that is Clement!
I received no good comment until the last two rehearsal , Clement , Sean and some others saying I spoke miles better than the first rehearsal. WHEW

My classmate , Valerie. Sadly she is not in my clique but my good friend who supports and cheer me up in school!
She would often come to me and ask me how am I doing and what am I up to. Then, we got closer as we always share about our crushes and common interests heehehehe
She is always wishing me good luck by sending me sweets texts and gifts before , during and after my rehearsal. Thank you sweetie
I really like the flower you gave me omgggg!!!

I had to skip 2 days of school ( woohoo! hahahah ) and been going around thanking people for wishing me luck and support. Thank you everyone for the sweet messages ( I even received good luck messages from people i dk hahaha )
I love you all ❤

I would definitely seek for more opportunities like this to develop myself and discover new things.
For some, there isn’t a need to be jealous.

Sean, if you are reading this,
I’m sorry if I had irritated you by asking where is your blazer hahahaha
I love wearing blazers that’s why hahahaah
I was glad nothing embarrassing happened to me. WHEW
I shared with Sean awhile before the actual event started, saying I have fear of going up on stage. But I like going up on stage. Sounds complicated but I will never forget my fall that happened this early year.
THANK GOD SEAN CAME although he was still recovering from flu
He is still so natural , cool and steady even when he is unwell, oh my you are really talented. HE NEEDS TO BE ON TV

After Sean & I hosted the event, I went to meet Haidah. We were chatting along the way while I took out my Ez-Link Card from my pocket. Realizing that Sean’s pen is in my pocket ooooooooooops
I shall take that as motivation pen hahahahaha

And this , marks the best day of my ITE life.YAY
18 AUGUST 2016




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