I Miss How School Served Us Free Food

I miss the place. The activity which Arinah & I discussed and decided that we should do it as a class in Tanjung Pinang,Indonesia.


Initially I  have no idea of what to write about down here, a friend of mine Hidayat literally gave me a topic to share with you guys. Then I thought it’s kinda silly of me sharing a travel story that happened few years back and he told me to go ahead and give it a ‘throwback’, so…..yea!

We took a ferry as a class along with the teachers and instructors there, it’s a good ride there before we took a van to directly get to our so called “1 star hotel” which took approximately slightly more than 2 hours drive.


Rainy Hands -.-

I looked like a loser OMG. No amount of foundation can cover up your imperfections when you are in a place without the luxury of air cons and even fans! Thankfully, I went for surgery for my sweaty palms a year ago before my school trip in 2014. Oh my, talking about my surgery, I remember myself requesting Ms Aini  to change my seat in class as I couldn’t feel the fan and my worksheets were damp because of my palms. ( Sounds crazy, I know but I’m serious ) I really thank my surgeon as no one now have to stare at my hands and judge me anymore.Well, Mr Chin did not knew it was a serious condition for me until he knew I had to go for surgery and I was hospitalized when my class went for a camp in Malaysia and that was in late 2013.

Washroom Sucks

Back then when we went Tanjung Pinang for an overseas learning trip, the place was literally the worst washrooms I’ve ever  went in and showered in that place. My bestfriend and I were smart enough to control our bladder and used the restaurant’s washroom instead. Still, there was a huge green insect ( it’s not a grasshopper ) lying in the restaurant washroom and I was totally shock and immediately opened the door and ran out. Ms George and Ms Goh was so shocked when they saw me reacting in that manner when I just ran off from the washroom. I giggled and told them everything was fine when they asked me if I was okay. Till today every time I step into the ladies , I always look out for any creepy crawlies lying around before I close the washroom’s door. Once Bitten , Twice Shy. -.- There was a blackout when the girls ( including me ) showered there. I’m afraid of darkness! Durga was there next to my shower room to actually distract me with jokes. She got pissed and she yelled “Bukak pintu lah!” instead of “Bukak Lampu Lah”. I was totally shock and I asked her why would she want for someone to open the door instead of switching on the lights. And we laughed.  There was actually a few lizards lying around and slowly crawling the ceiling of our shower rooms. That was my biggest fear I had experienced in the shower room. I am glad the lizard didn’t jumped on me or whatsoever. I felt like I was serving NS!!!!!!!

“Mayat” on Motor

This sounds lame if you are trying to get the joke by understanding  what I wrote here. Mayat is actually a corpse in malay. And Fatris, Azizi and some others saw a corpse- looking  guy wrapped by white cloth riding a motorbike , and we laugh . LOL. Can you imagine it? We also saw a family of three or four in a vespa/motorbike. You definitely won’t see this in Singapore.


You see Xavier and Joel’s face there! I’m not sure whether this is true but rumor has it that Xavier didn’t took his shower for the first few days of our trip. I’m not embarrassing him but that’s how Xavier was known among the instructors . Oh My God I’m looking at how skinny Hidayat was in 2014! I noticed that the girl is standing pose closely next to Hidayat too ahem hehehehehe

I can say the food in Indonesia is definitely nice. Not much of  difference compared to Singapore as we only eat at the same restaurant for every of our meals, we didn’t tried the street foods. We were given shopping time with a very short limited time, thanks to us girls including me who took our own sweet time to shop that the boys didn’t had the chance to shop and buy stuffs.

CIMG2235 (2)

I actually croped my face there hahahahaha ^ Oh yea you see some of my classmates together with the uncle there standing around the plants . We did gardening and we cleaned the place there at the local orphanage. Can’t recall which orphanage we went to there as we went there about a few years ago. This is a throwback post if you are wondering. -.-

This is the orphanage we went to. They called it “orphanage”,but I prefer saying the village filled with beautiful gifted kids. ❤



This is their classroom which some other class decided to clean it and painted it if I’m not wrong. 🙂


Looking back, I really miss the kids over there. They are just so friendly and most of them were just too shy to talk. Somehow, I had difficulty communicating with them as my malay is not as good as them. So all I could interact with them was my body language. Smiling and also greeting them in Bahasa Indonesia. When I asked them if they had taken their lunch, they told me with a wide smile”No, we only eat once a day” I was surprise that they only have meals such as 3 fried eggs a day and one of the girls there said they rarely eat rice. My jaws dropped.

When I went back to the restaurant for dinner and breakfast on the following morning, I ate 3 plates of rice. Was I emotional that point of time? hmm I don’t think so. I remember Haidah and I always eat more than a plate of rice ahahahaaha

I ate non stop as I know not everyone is fortunate to get the luxury in which you have it every single day in your life, every single meal your mummy cooks for you at home.

One thing that pissed me off was my flats were torn.I wasn’t worry because I knew I brought another spare pair of track shoes along with me. I wore the spare shoes, it torn , again. What a bad day! The boys were making fun of me as usual hahahaha . One of the instructor brought me to the nearest shop to get a new pair of shoes. I used the time to actually buy more stuffs. Not many people including the teachers knew that I was actually ‘shopping alone’ besides just buying a new pair of flats for myself.


I certainly miss this place even though the place wasn’t a comfortable environment for all of us. Nevertheless, I’m happy to see that we all endured and survived especially the patience the teachers and my classmates have when I complained way too much hehehe

Personally, what I learned from this is appreciation. You’ve always got to appreciate one another… Like Mr Chin always tells us , “All For One, One For All”. Yes, I think we all should practiced this and never make it a habit of not willing to help. I see mostly my classmates are much different compared to when they are in class. We just helped one another not only when one needs help. I also learned something that you should take this advice from me too , “Always Grab it When You Are Given an Opportunity”. If you feel that you are always the rejected one and don’t often get opportunities, then you should jolly well find and seek it. Some opportunity you are given in life  are the things you may not be interested in , but always give it a try as you’ll never know how hardship feels like until you have gone through it. Give it a try when you see opportunity. As for me, I’ve never like villages or old-fashioned place, but I know very well that I’m going there as a class to lend a helping hand to the locals there and to represent Singapore as well as our school. We are building an ‘image’ to them and also gain learning experiences. I never knew I love volunteering ever since I went for this trip. After going for this trip, I realized that I started to develop myself by participating in more of school trips, competitions and events than having to go home early straight after school to sleep.

Should Schools in Singapore Organize Overseas Learning Trip Like This For Students?

Yes, certainly! I hope more schools out there in Singapore or even other countries can organize more of learning trips like this for students. Without teachers’ words of advises to their students , trip like these can actually develop students positively in terms of character and experiences. This can also help them build interest in their contributing in schools and education. I’m also hoping that my current school will organize more of this kind of trip for us classes, preferably free is better.

Favorite Moments 

I would like to thank my bestie Durga and my other two favorite girls ( Haidah & Izzati! Who else? 🙂 ) for tolerating my ‘cowardliness’ and thank you so much for this unforgettable memories. Even funniest moments that made me laugh non stop till now , all thanks to the great comedians Xavier , Hidayat , Joel , Fatris and the others.

Oh yea, after this trip, I was nominated by my teachers to give a talk and presentation to the whole entire school during assembly. I know I screwed up a little bit, but I managed to cover up and presented a good image. From there, I fell in love with public speaking although I thought to myself my talk wasn’t that good enough but my teachers started complimenting me YAY/

Oh my, I didn’t know I actually have quite a lot to write and share about to you guys till Hidayat assigned me to do this. Thank you and this is all I have hehehee



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