Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day, YAY to you naughty kids who are trying to show sudden affection and concern to your fellow mums. And then she will be amazed by your contribution for Mother’s Day, the next day, it came back to “your normal days”. This is Mother’s Day in our society/generation.
I am quite curious on what is Mother’s Day to you. I mean among my friends as well as some of my fellow old friends who look like strangers to me now. ( I’ll come to that some other time.)
For those either reading this or keen to know WHAT IS MOTHER’S DAY LET ME SHARE WITH YOU. ( Through my opinions )
I feel that Mother’s Day shouldn’t be celebrated. I feel that Mother’s Day shouldn’t exist in the first place (WHY?!).
I’m not hating it nor disliking it. I am just a bit clueless here. As I grow older, I feel that mother’s day is pointless.
Can anybody ask me why?
Mother’s / Father’s / Sister’s or whatever day you believe is abit useless to me.
As I was browsing through social media, I saw some only spend time with their mums only on mother’s day or other occasion.
I think that shouldn’t be the way on how you spend time or treat your parents.
Be it whether you are busy with packed schedule for school,meetings,work,CCAs so on and so forth , are you aware that your mum is observing you? ( I mix with quite alot of mums , so I know ;))
I agree that Mother’s Day is a modern celebration honoring one’s own mother.
But…. why not show her “that” daily?
She went through alot of challenges and struggles trying to raise you, your little simple daily contribution can actually make her day.
Why not bring her for a dinner atleast once a week to bond with her more?
Why not share your thoughts and feelings to her?
Why not work hard to impress her?
Why not smile at her (atleast!) when sadly you know you both are not talking to each other?
Why not talk it out with her when you are not in good terms with her? Some of you may said it’s pretty useless as she won’t bother, u know it, then talk to her with more sense .
For a few years til now, I am blessed to have met some of my beautiful friends.
I am deeply sorry to hear if anyone of you are still young and been raised without parents(or a mum). Without parents, you are living with your guardians that should be fine as you still received love. I have a beautiful bestie who was raised without parents or guardians and is still happy and independent. I respect you alot, you know who you are 😘.
Some have parent’s who are currently separated.
I am sorry to hear this from you too. But I just wanna say I really love you people. Really.
You inspire me whenever you share your thoughts and feelings to me.
You may be just sharing your past/current experiences to me, yea it’s just sharing to you but it means alot to me and others who are willing to lend you shoulders and listening ears. I learned alot. When you feel like giving up that’s when people will start looking down on you. That’s when you gain Huge Loss. That’s when you lose your name.
I can feel how unappreciative some people/teens are to their parents when they start to get impatient. To you rude people, try putting yourself into their situation. I believe you will gradually regret it. It feels incomplete to be living without a parent. I felt that when I went to Perth for a school trip. It gave me a little taste of people who is parentless out there. It’s really hard I swear.
Through this, I always make sure my mum sleeps before I do, I make sure she’s happy.
Through your experiences , I hope you can explore here and there to inspire people and guide people up when they are down. I realized that I really have nothing much to organize for my mum for Mother’s Day as I treat the same way as how you naughty kids treat her only on Mother’s Day.
That’s all I have 😘
I know I am not into Mother’s Day or whoever’s Day. ( But I’m not against it ) But it’s sounds like an occasion day to everyone of us here.
I would like to wish every mum a Happy Mother’s Day! Stay strong, stay happy.
To be honest she only wants to see you excel in life , not any flowers u can get it at your nearby floristry (floristry or florist?)

Anyways, what a great day to be born on Mother’s Day? A friend of mine whom I met about 4 years ago , who was just close to me since last year , Year 2012, from an ordinary classmate you became a good friend to me. You turned up to be overly competitive towards me in studies but we still shook hands and helped each other. (Started from when you were constantly borrowing my ruler and me providing you tissues when you need it ) And then we ended up looking like strangers and enemies due to some reason you got influenced not to be close with me unreasonably. Last year after PE, I was alone with you for few hours when you were vomiting and had a terrible headache. Hey, I actually saw your face. You felt guilty ignoring me and at the same time I was doing my duty to help you and refusing to leave you all alone. Hmm well, I’m apparently better than her inside and out and I got you back as my closest business buddy!
Stay healthy okay? Keep in touch more often and never forget, you travel further distance every single day TO EXCEL. Happy 17th Birthday My dear Haidah May God Bless You!! May we be bless for our friendship to be permanent!




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