Still Adapting

It’s been almost 3 months in my new school and I’m glad I can adapt well to the environment here. And especially handling with some people who have been bad mouthing me ( for no reason ) , not handling them but laughing at them actually HAHAHAHAHAHA

Here’s another new update about my current new school and friends! So Interesting! I just wanna say I feel blessed to have met these friendly faces in my school. On the other hand, I was pretty upset with some of my old friends who decided to give up halfway but acting like they are so active in school. Cut the crap. Don’t act cool when you are not. It really irritates me as well as people around you. That’s okay! Let’s put our negative comments aside.

I wanna say that most of my classmates ( except for some ) are really amazing! Especially people like Shasha,Shaznay , Abigail, Valerie , Iman and some others.  😀 Really enjoy talking to them. One thing that makes conversations interesting to me is that as long as our conversation is meaningful , something that can make me smile and some areas in which I can learn from them too. It’s quite hilarious that some people came out with a name for me called “Caterpillar” because of my eyebrows are looking thick from their view. Till now, I always wonder how is caterpillar related to eyebrows? Does a caterpillar have brows?

I’m feeling a bit pressured now because a week ago I was told by  Iman to write a blog post about him( sounds like an assignment for me? ) Eh Chill leh , I only know you for about few weeks? 😀 I have roughly nothing much to write . Some time ago , I asked a handful of people what does life mean to them and the most surprising answer was from Iman. He answered me “Born Sadness , Die with Happiness”. I was quite curious as I know there must be a reason behind why he said that. But then with my usual insane-ness , I burst out with laughter wondering why must we feel sad when we are born. From what I know, when we are born , crying is a deliberate act of nature to make our breathing process by drawing air into the lungs. So what has this got to do with the definition of “Life”? Reflecting back,  I regret laughing at him after when he explained to me why. He may not feel offended but , but I apologize as I took it as a laughing matter. I do not wish to reveal people’s personal issues , but if you are interested to know , why not ask him on the comment section down in his video? Maybe he will be impressed and will immediately upload another video lol

IMG-20160126-WA0020.jpg Valerie!



< Yanti !





Dunearn Secondary School 54th Annual Speech Day

Finally! I have been waiting for this day ( 4th March 2016 ) to receive my award and to visit my favorite teachers! Haidah was with me for the event and I still have so much to catch up with her although I just met her last week! Sadly , my secondary school classmate who used to be my peer tutor ( Nicholas Leow! ) was not present for the event. I know I didn’t get distinction for Mathematics ( I’m sorry! 😦 ) But still I did received an award for “3 Distinctions” right? We are one of them ! But actually that wasn’t good enough either. One thing for sure I can’t keep whining about my N level results. Oh, WAIT A MINUTE : Why am I still dragging this topic about N level till now?



You may be wondering what is that man doing next to the teenager(Xavier) . Till now, I am ….. still not sure of the Chinese teacher’s name…( Mr Ang?) Seeing his enthusiasm towards Xavier the moment he saw Xavier , I strongly believe that Xavier is his favorite student .Speaking of Xavier , I’m happy that you and Hidayat are doing well in school,keep going don’t give up!

Fear of Going up on Stage

I did mentioned about my secondary school classmate , Xavier who has a fear of heights ( e.g. riding extreme roller coasters ) . Like how terrified he was of heights but still forced himself to ride a roller coaster , I can say I was in his shoes few days back during the Speech’s Day. But for my case , it was fear of going up on stage due to to my terrible experience on stage in my new school when I fall off from the stage. I was really frightened and I kept praying to myself without anyone knowing. Worse still I was wearing heels because that’s part of my business uniform attire ( The heels I wore isn’t really that high like those Gaga’s heels you may randomly think of ) AND I MADE IT WITHOUT FAIL !! All went well , and even though the food wasn’t that delicious , eating with my classmates can literally make me choke! ( You know what I mean the 4 of you )






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