Adapting to a New Beginning

New people , new friends , new enemies , new school and whatever is new . I am missing my secondary school life as time passes by  😦

I have been noticing some changes in myself ever since I started my first day in school at ITE ( Institute of Technical Education )  . I used to be the noisiest in school / class but currently not . I’m always looking around and observing people . I am really clueless sometimes . But that doesn’t mean I am becoming an introvert soon .

Moving on , here’s recapping about the past two weeks in my new school . I have a few friends whom I talked to during my first few days in ITE . Frankly speaking , they were really annoying and a bunch of useless people . 24/7 always chattting and bringing up topics about guys and relationship expectations . Excuse me , I’m not here to tolerate or to listen to your boring and meaningless stories ( So is everyone ) . To be honest , it’s really a pointless story .  Do you go to school for the sake of getting attached to guy , I mean “guys”( If you get what I mean ) . It’s really irritating . I’m totally fine with crushes stories or BGR stuffs , but when you are putting yourself whereby guys are the only happiness for girls. Bullshits.#BunchofNaives

So I directly told them that my main point for my life and future are my career and education . After some time they started ignoring me .  I was surprised that business students have this kind of attitude . It’s such a pity if you gonna contribute this type of attitude to the working world . Forget it , these are none of my business . I would rather do something more productive than having to mix with this bunch of people .

How I choose Influence by not having Influences choose me 

I can say that I am a very selective ( or you can call it as “buyers” ) person when choosing peers . Yes , I choose peers , So I choose which I like and which I don’t . Reason for that is I always believe that the type of friend you choose and mix with actually reflects yourself . It defines what you achieved and expect in future . So I’m sorry ( not sorry ) . This is true .

I believe there are people who mixed with bad companies before but you guys are willing to start afresh . Here’s how . Ask yourself this every single day , what do you want to be in future ? What do you want to achieved in future ? If you are weak in studies and wish to improve yourself , go ahead and get close with the nerdies/studious people in your class . It will definitely do you good if you really want to do well . So don’t expect to have a decent life/future without mixing with decent people . So I got one and her name is Abigail .Welcome to my blog and I will definitely start to irritate you in school .

The Most Embarrassing Moment!!!

I think it was the second… or third day of school ? Can’t recall , it was during the orientation week . We were all so excited rehearsing the cheer leading before going up on stage . Everyone was yelling away and I started to get hyper too . Then it was time for us to go up on stage to perform the cheer leading song together as a class . Somehow it sounds and looks stupid when one of our senior instructed us to stand around in a semi circle, we ended up standing around in a circle . It was just a last minute plan . Standing around in a circle ( Which means standing around only the corners of the stage ) doesn’t makes any sense at all . A small stage , so why were there gaps , huge free spaces around the center of the stage ? So I stood behind as I am one of the tallest comparing to them . As we were singing , I fell off from the stage . I fell off from the stage , not fell on the stage . Obviously, my knee hurts a bit but luckily I fell backwards. There was a senior student backstage , a girl ( I was panicking so I didn’t noticed , if it’s you , let me know !! ) and my classmate Zikri got me up . They were asking me whether I was okay , I had to say I’m okay ( I was totally fine after they got me up ) . I think I remembered Zikri asked me to stand in front . I guess the reason why he asked me to stand in front is probably because to prevent myself from falling again . I think I did pushed him to the front , I was refusing to stand in front because I’m afraid to show my face after the fall !!!! I mean , who would want to go in front after falling off from stage ?

I would like to thank the people who helped me up and the others who were ensuring whether I was okay . I am thankful that the fall wasn’t a serious one . You may not be aware that there’s metal and loads of wires around that may lead to… whatever . I am just glad that I’m safe , besides having to face the audience after the fall .

Really Surprising 

I got to know more about my classmates , some are interesting ones and some are ambitious. I came to found out that Dan is a Youtuber!! Not only a Youtuber , but also a motivational speaker , writer ( Instagram captions , that’s what I was trying to say ) and “a bit of comedy”.

Although the video’s sound effects sounds a bit unimpressive , you spoke well ( even when you are hesitating ) I think you are better at talking and writing , so why not ? Please make more videos !!

And I miss my secondary school  😦


I visited my previous school few days ago as I was missing my teachers already . The moment I stepped into Dunearn’s holding location , I had a few mosquitoes bites around my leg :/IMG_20160122_155236.jpg

Can I be a Food Blogger now ? I would also like to thank Ms Hazel for treating me and my girls for lunch ! That’s really nice of you ! ❤ I hope I would catch up with you along with other teachers too !! ( I’m now waiting for Mr Chin’s treat for chalet & BBQ !)

I came to found out that Ms Aini is on maternity leave !!!??? There was a lady from her staff room area told me that she is currently on maternity leave after our N Level . I was shocked to hear that . Not many mothers out there are willing to sacrifice their maternity leave just for the sake of guiding their students up . That’s really sweet of you , Ms Aini ! If you are reading this , I hope you are doing and resting well . I might be coming on Speech Day !! See you soon !



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