Momentous Year 2015

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016 !!

How time really flies ! I remember telling my friends last year saying that “Oh dear , it’s our final year…” I still can’t believe our final year has passed, in a blink of an eye. I remembered , having to always say that I’m nervous for my N Levels , but…….. IT’S ALL OVER NOW ! Unbelievable?

I think it’s time to shake things up and grow up ( I guess? ) 26 more days to go ……. me turning 17! And I’m ready to take up driving license next year!


My Best Moments 2015

For friends likewise , I would say my USS ( Universal Studios Singapore ) trip was fantastic. I get to scream as loud as I want during the crazy roller coaster rides with Durga , Izzati , Fatris , Azizi ,Danish and some others . For your information , I love screaming louder than people I’m surrounded with . Don’t invite me for extreme rides if you are the extreme introvert .  I can say Fatris and Xavier are the most incredibly insane when riding on roller coasters. Fatris may not go for more extreme rides , he’s the most entertaining person to join a roller coaster ride with speaking of which I will never forget the wet patch around Xavier’s pants . ( He urinates out of fear of heights during the extreme ride ) . To people who thinks people with fear of heights is a laughing matter  , go jump down from the highest building instead. We don’t need a friend like you .

I admit that one of the funniest yet embarrassing moment was being laughed at, by hundreds of people . I was on stage to replace Alex for a Spelling Bee competition , I didn’t know why I can’t even spell a simple word ( even a 5 year old kid can spell it)  , oh yeah the word tested for me was “Ketchup” ( Did I spell correctly now? ). I think I spelled it as “Kechupt” or “Ketucpt” . Karma hit me, I used to laugh at people on stage. And it ain’t easy to go up on stage and waiting to be tested . My mind was totally blank and I have no idea why . Oh dear. Most of my classmates were blaming me saying that Alex is much more intelligent than me . Honestly , I do agree , I’m not afraid to say someone is better than me! To me , I think failing is better , way better than being a coward . He told me that he will not be coming to school as he knew that Ms Hazel chose him to take part for the competition. Due to his stage fright , I did not expect that he really meant what he had said the day before . He wasn’t present on the day itself.  Disappointing . Always remember , being called a “Failure” is better than being called a “Coward”. No harm trying , you are just learning more gradually.

What I really treasure the most is not the latest IOS or Prada bag for my birthday.It may not be a big thing to you , but I know what’s appreciation .  My best birthday present for 2015 – was the energy I got to laugh out loud here and there , achieved the highest score for my Science test and Mathematics quizzes , Mr Chin announced my name for the Class Vice Chairman 2015 ( It went haywire when some time later Mr Chin awarded us  our chairman badge , and he made me a Class Chairman for 2015 .( For some reasons ) Looking back, I feel like the Miss Universe 2015 now , and of course ‘Steve Harvey’ is ‘Mr Chin’


Even that has happened , I have never treated Sherry as my “Vice”. I still respected her as a Chairman. No Rank formalities please!

Relating to this for my best moments 2015 was proving my friends/enemies/hater wrong  ( friends who used to call me stupid and related offensive words ) . I am happy to be having good results and conduct that makes me look less stupid than them. Some used to call me noob etc. I know it’s upsetting to have enemies ( even if you do not wish to have one! ) , it’s irritating. The best solution you can have from me is , excelling well and finding happiness . Success is one word , few definitions , but brings a lot of happiness in you , is a reflection and inspiration for people too .

I’ve learned alot in 2015 , leadership , loyalty , trust , respect , empathy and many more. I am happy that I got to interact with people living way different lifestyle from me . It’s just amazing , just like looking at the dazzling sceneries . Adding to this , I learned that I can’t let myself miss opportunities! Opportunities is the key to develop yourself towards success, yes I believe in that!


My Worse Moments 2015

Losing quite a number of friends hurts . Looking back at backstabbers . People in my class made me look like a loser when I didn’t get to the top for Elements of Business Studies . ( Haidah and Durga were sweet enough spotting me , cheering me up )

I can’t really recall about the worse moments apart from what has mentioned above. Let’s not look at the negative side!


Rock this new year just as how rocking you are 

As the New Year approaches us with hopes anew, here is wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year everyone! I’m looking forward for more interesting things for me to share with you guys !








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