I Fell in Love with Nature

Some of you are struggling  to achieve your goals , work tensions , study pressures ( I know it’s the holidays now , I’m just saying in general ) so on and so forth . Speaking of Nature Lovers , you are indeed the type of person who need some time away from disturbance , and what do you call it ? PEACE ! My Bestfriend ( Durga ) has a unique craze about Natures such as the sunset and sunrise scenery . Not many teenagers are so keen into rubbish stuffs like natures .  I took some shots of what I saw to share with you guys .





I know I’m not a pro in photography , I tried.

And thanks for writing my name over there in a form of tribute to my blog 🙂 ❤

Being in a stressful state of mind can really push you down and making you feel discourage . I’m not saying you lost a few bucks and you got really pissed off or something. I’m saying those major stress situations like failing to meet your expectations for your national exams , losing your loved ones , relationships or friendship issues . It can be anything or anyone . Anyone can really be feeling “Break Down”and you couldn’t have time all by yourself to reflect , no matter how strong or outgoing you are . Sometimes, we all need time to heal , that’s all .

Nature Brings Peace 

Yes, Nature brings peace. I am not writing this whatever I saw on Google or from any other blogs , I’m producing something original , all in my own blog. So I went to the beach , went to the corners and reflected . Eventually , I’ve got nothing in my mind . Maybe this is because I am not facing any stress issues? Most probably. But I do get irritated easily nowadays , so I fell in love with nature when I saw those scenery. Really!! It’s beyond description . I am not a huge fan of natures , it’s really amazing if you look closer and act like a pro photographer! Give it a try , you’ll like it for sure!





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