N Level Examination Results Release 2015

I haven’t been having a good night sleep until December 17,2015 the day I got my N Level results slip from my teachers. I was expecting I could have finish writing this post by December 17. I didn’t managed to, due to loads of messages I received in my phone , most probably the best messages I got from my teachers and friends.

I know meeting my two precious girls ( Izzati and Durga ) at the new school will only be a short period of time , so I decided to meet them in advance before heading to school! ( I still can’t get enough ! ) Finally getting to meet them is really a huge school flashback ! So we took a bus straight to the school and along the way , we met Azizi when he boarded the same bus as us . He looked somehow annoyed by our laughter ! So too much of laughing in the bus is also not good , you will end up not knowing where to get off from the bus in a way that you are lost , puzzled.( That sounds lame )  A couple of minutes later , Azizi and the three of us realized that we miss a stop where we supposed to get off at. Sounds strange when the four of us didn’t realized we miss a stop? Azizi, you were distracted by listening to my conversation with the girls? ( Just kidding! ) I got pissed off ( still hyper active ) , of the weather as well as the distance we have to walk to the new school! Ultimately , we were slightly late . I was just sitting and chit-chatting with Sherry ( my vice chairman ) when we both ( Sherry and I ) saw our names appearing on the huge screen stated as this year’s top students .( Obviously I’m not a local wide top student ,if that’s the case, I wouldn’t be blogging about this , the reporters does it all )

[The picture of me and my science teacher , Mr Ow was taken horribly by Izzati ( WHY?! ) , But I have to post this! Theres’ more pictures taken Durga has yet to sent me ! ] I don’t have any idea  wheres’ our principal . Usually he should be the one mentioning names who got to the top in our school. No wonder the results was released earlier ( I guess? ) and Xavier went missing too .

I only got 3 distinctions ( Science , Elements of Business Studies and Computer Applications , 2 ‘B’s( English and Mathematics ) and a ‘C’ for my mother tongue . ( I used to get a ‘U’ or ‘D’ for my mother tongue.) But a B grade for my Mathematics was quite heartbreaking for me as I used to be a A grader for Mathematics . B for English ? You can tell it , on how I write here. I used to get a D or C grade before my N levels too … Ms Hazel you trained us really hard ?!! I was actually quite afraid that I might not be receiving my result slip , as I walked towards to my teachers , people were looking at me as if I dyed my hair bright pink or blonde. It’s maroon , nothing bold. Chill! Teachers were kind hearted enough.( yay! )

I punched my classmates’s chin on my N Level Results Day !

That was an accident , not an achievement I swear!!! Okay let me explain , everyone were too busy sharing their results , asking one another here and there . Mr Chin was asking one of my classmate , I was overexcited and I yelled “He’s joining the navy!!!” out of joy . It was really really really extremely awkward that I was so excited that I raised my hands up really hard that literally punched Alex’s Chin . Oh no!!! On the other side , I was thinking what would my classmate ( the one considering joining Navy ) think of me ,  I guess he’ll be like : “Why she’s over-reacting just because I’m joining the Navy?? Mad though. ” Oh my god , I really pity Alex ! If you happen to read this , I’M SORRYYYYYY!  I’ve known him for a decade already, from a flabby boy to a skinny ( is he? ) muscular teen boy . Hope that he is happy with his results . All the best ! Thankfully,he won’t be my classmate anymore because we would always quarrel and have conflicts for no reason ! Even his cranky face will make me yell at him , seriously.

I’ve seen quite a number of my friends including my bestie from struggling really hard for Mathematics to excelling well , people like Arinah , Izzati , Haidah as well as Durga .( I’m not too sure about the boys! )Well done everyone ! To my friends/classmates/schoolmates who thinks they failed to meet their expectations on academic results, I did quite badly for my PSLE too , can you imagine where will I be now if I would have gave up? I strongly believe that N level is definitely not the end . It’s more or less the beginning . Your journey starts now , you have aspirations in life ? You can’t possibly let your aspirations come to you ( In fact , it never happens! ) over your dead body. If you happened to see any opportunities awaiting for you even if it’s not related to your interests , go for it ! That’s what I have been doing for 2 years already . It really changed me positively! Never say no to good opportunities . Wishing you all best of luck !

On top of that , I would like to thank alllllllll my teachers who were guiding me up , teaching me for four years! Including Ms Hazel , Mr Chin  and Ms Aini who have been tolerating my annoying laughter every morning! Love you all ! I can’t believe I just graduated !



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