Types of Friends You Should Avoid.

Types of friends you should avoid ? No,I just feel like sharing the types of friends I hate , the most . It’s at your own risk whether you like it or not , you want it or not . I believe there are more you hate about certain people , so these are the common ones , signs it’s time to keep a distance from friends who has these attitudes/characteristics.


1. She/He is Two-Faced 

I’ve faced these a couple of times last year . They are untrustworthy and the most disloyal friend you can ever have , but they will do anything just to staged a drama just for you to believe whatever s*it they have to say . They are master at story twisting , so beware what you have to say about others. There are many ways in which a friend ( or anyone you know ? ) is two-faced. They would accuse you to cover up their sins , they are your “hater” who can’t take the sight of you whenever you get promoted . Dissatisfaction can be one of the reason too .


2. The Moody Roller-Coaster 

This is an optional advice from me as this type of friend aren’t likely to destroy your happiness. This is simply easy to avoid.  Moody roller-coasters are the ones who look so ugly in a way that they are cranky , grumpy for no reason at all . Maybe they think they look good that way ? That is definitely a huge NO-NO . Sometimes , they will make you feel you had a great time with her/him , at some point later on , they will give you facial expressions looking like your enemy or worst still , when you are feeling down and there you go seeing that face will only make you feel like slapping them! ( Try not to ). If you feel like doing that , I suggest you can read some blogs about anger-management.

Okay , back to moody roller-coaster friends , I am an extrovert ( I guess ? ) , I mostly make use every second of my time whenever I get to talk to them face to face or through texting . I always make sure our conversation is not meaningless. As for me , moody roller-coasters are not for me , they will just pissed me off . We all understand whoever is feeling stress ( even your happiest friends ) are more prone to having mood swings , so this is a huge difference compared to the “no-reason cranky”. I mean , why would you wanna look so glum when you can have fun and bond with your friends ? Why would you wanna look so dull when there are people around you trying to cheer you up? Cherish the good moments you have before they will just put you aside and leave you .


3. Unreliable 

They claimed that you are the best person , but not acting that way  (sounds familiar ? ) Action speaks louder than words . It’s better not to get too high hopes , like what you usually see in advertisements about whitening creams .

Speaking about unreliable people , common situations such as dealing to meet up , but not showing up , just vanished for no reason . At one point , I thought , “You are dead?”, Oh no , she/he is living life,deadly. There are times we made promises and we break it , by accident . I know it’s not your fault ( sometimes ) , but please you have to grow up , get yourself up ,don’t be a birdbrain , don’t keep your mouth shut when you are doing others wrong , it won’t look good on you . Your friends will still be there for you , but they will never forget what you did to them .

Apart from they feeling afraid of telling you the reason why they don’t keep promises , they are friends who are just not into you . They may be other unrevealed reasons …. But, it’s pointless if the reason or excuses left untold. The reason why they do not reply or show up for meet ups , they are just not into you anymore . ( Heartless right ? ) So if you are facing this , it’s time to be independent, you do not need unreliable friends in your life , there are better people out there waiting for you . DIY ( DO IT YOURSELF!)



Nothing but lies! Claimed that she/he went girls/boys home when she/he has bright colored hair , so much freedom outside your jail? You’re kidding! I saw what you did there when you were writing “Address where you are currently living”, I don’t see any Girls/Boys Home address there.

Oh , Let’s get straight to the point . I’m uncertain about people ( or friends ) who lies . I have yet to find out why is that so , but in my opinion , they are lying just to get your attention or to cover up more previous lies ? Or to boast about it? I have no idea, I dislike it , I adore people or friends who share their unglam confidently . I mean , what’s the point hearing fiction stories ?



I think that is all I have for friends we should avoid , you might be wondering why am I not saying you guys shouldn’t be mixing with the wrong company? Well , I think this is so basic and common sense . You should never expect to have a decent life when you are not mixing with decent people or behaving decently . For this case, this is all up to you . It’s whether you want it or not . From what are the four points I shared with you , these people exists in both GOOD & BAD COMPANY , it’s more general in a way that not many might be aware even if they have experienced it several times before .







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