Dunearn Secondary School Relocates

Dunearn Secondary School , recently known for the students’ excellent grades and leadership conducts in school . Dunearnites are proud to say that our school is relocating to Boon Lay ( Holding Location ) for two years . So the new Dunearn ( will be at Bukit Batok , 2018 ) renovated with better facilities and amenities! Well , that’s great as students will feel more delighted going to school.  Keep it up , Ministry of Education.

Dunearn Homecoming Event





Yes , the school organized this event for ex-Dunearnites to welcome them back to Dunearn to have a last look of the school before the school will be refurbished . My friend ( Izzati ) and I decided to volunteer ourselves since Mr Chin needed our help. In fact , Mr Chin was the host and teacher in charge of the event for the entire day , that’s pretty exhausting . I can see happy faces everywhere I go when I went to help Zulhilmi(student photographer in our school!)and seeing reactions like “Hey,It’s been a long time!”among one another. On the other hand , it seems that I went there not doing something, but finding something to do.It’s so awkward  for me to just stand there and doing nothing , so I went around “stealing opportunities”.  Apart from that , It’s so heartwarming to see ex dunearnites coming back , even those non familiar faces , those graduated from the 1990s , grabbing their kids along to Dunearn. Okay I have nothing much to write , I hope time will run even faster than how it is currently,we can be one of them,who knows? Hang on there , Dunearn teachers!



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