Why Holidays are boring to some people

School holidays , one week break , I’m definitely fine with it , that’s what every student deserve after months and months of hard work and study pressures . Adding to this ‘Post N Level” holidays really pissed me off. I get comments like I’m a weirdo,schoolgirl whatsoever etc etc . Yeah , But I think what some of you said might be true , my world is still stuck in school , even when I am physically not . Job hunting is another headache. Threw all my books , now that I have nothing to flip or read through like I always do on a daily basis whenever I am feeling bored . Whoever reading this and agrees with me,okay seriously I think only minority dislikes long holidays. If you are one of them, WHEW ! I HAVE A FRIEND NOW !


In school , I have lists of tasks to do such as marking attendance , running to my classroom to ensure that my classmates are not gonna wait for me outside the classroom , revisions etc etc . HAVING TO CHASE MY CLASSMATES FOR FORMS AND HOMEWORKS ARE THE BEST SCENES THAT WILL ALWAYS BRING LAUGHTER  , common situations such as


I can say , only me , Sherry , Mr Chin as well as any previous class leaders will only encounter these problems daily ,  OH YEAH That was the only time I am known for being “bossy”. It’s like , I am always happy having a busy routine daily . I really adores having tasks to do , really keeps me awake and proactive throughout the day unlike before when I used to just sleeping and not doing anything ( Zombie )

Anyways, I still hate holidays . I am just counting days, day by day “When I am gonna start schooling”. I think I will consider twice about demanding to be at school as I should be adapting to a very different environment next year. Yea , this is it . All I can say about people ( including me ) feeling unhappy about long holidays is basically because we have nothing much to do . Speaking of which I am not those who are depressed or deeply emotional ( They are people like this , If you may not be aware ). Just find anything you can do , irritate your friends online , watching Dee Kosh videos on YouTube or whatsoever as long as it doesn’t harms you in any ways . Stay Safe , Play Safe !



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