How to deal with a nice friend when they are only nice to people , but not to themselves?

You teased me daily , make fun of me in front of everyone else , make me sound like I look like a monkey or some creepy monsters you can think of .
I was the top student for the entire year last year in my subject Elements of Business Studies , therefore you started calling me “EBS Legend” . That has made you build so much confidence in me that I have failed to reach the top this year , I guessed ? . ( I am still one of the top ) I was pretty much upset when I found out that you just want me get to the top only , but when I didn’t managed to , you made fun of me , again . It was quite embarrassing when our EBS teacher was about to announce who is the top student for EBS , there you go, you and your friends were yelling out my name . Oh my god , just realized I got my EBS fans ! ( Thanks for supporting ! ❤ )
It ended up the teacher did not announced  the name for the top student for EBS as I know very well from her face , I did not managed to get to the top . So she didn’t announced , maybe ? . The situation was like in the grammys ; the crowd was yelling out Nicki’s name , ended up Iggy won the Best Female . That’s how I felt . LMAO That’s too imaginative of me already , forget that !
You and your friends started to be so  sarcastic just because I didn’t get to the top , well is that even a big deal ?  It’s not your marks though . If you think you wanna be sarcastic or something , just tell yourself you are not perfect first . Don’t tell me you never fail ( In life , test or whatsoever ) before.
I know that I asked whether I can blog about you and you said you do not want me to reveal the name , I respect that . ( So anyone reading this , please don’t think that I’m talking to myself )

Remember I yelled at you outside the computer lab ? That was the night before during Night Study Programme people were telling me about your evil deeds . My jaw dropped when I heard nonsensical rumors about you . I yelled at you something about “Where’s your brain”etc etc… ( Can’t recall ) I wasn’t referring to the class key I asked you to help me keep it for awhile. Remember?  Okay put that aside . Only God knows what’s going on . Well,  I apologize for that. 🙂

29/07/2015 ( I think? )
This day , everything went fishy and I thought you did something wrong . I found out that
you were “knocked out/down” ( Correct me if I’m wrong ? ) Someone decided to show me the clip and that another ridiculous person stopped him from doing that , to that ridiculous person : Does it even affect you ? . Maddening. Spoiled the whole thing.

I almost broke into tears when I saw you injured when you came to school on that same day the incident happened .
What drove me mad was why are they looking at the situation like a joke ? Is that hilarious enough if that same thing happened to them ? I’m a laugh junkie but still I don’t find that situation a JOKE AT ALL . Just keep in mind that people who have done that to you are inhuman .

Yes, some people choose and mix with their friends as they both parties most likely to have similar lifestyles. What I love about friendship is having a friend who is different ( or far too different ) from my lifestyle. I love learning from them while sharing with them how I oversome circumstances too.

Your lifestyle

After that incident , is was when I got to know you more , clearer perception.  I was saddened upon listening to how you share your story to me and how you have been handling your life .  I am really speechless , till now . I am sorry. Sometimes , you are lost in your pathways. And Sometimes in certain circumstances , the surrounding is the reason why people go haywire . Like you.

Solution : Entertain them and remind them of the memorable moments you had!


I Just Wanna Say….

Getting to know you really leaves me alot of memories and lessons to be learned , this is so overwhelming . I swear I gonna miss seeing you in class with me joking around, advising me , entertaining me when I’m upset.  Despite you known for the “Bad Ass” in class /school , you pointed out when I was about to step in the wrong pathway   I’m always learning things from you , now let me tell you something …
You may think that you are known for your ugly , horrible background / past , reflect now , do you deserve a chance ? If your love ones facing the same situation like yours , what would you say ?
If you don’t think you deserve a chance , why are there still some remaining people respects you ? Why are you still kicking and alive ? If you think you are weak ( that’s what you have been saying ) Why didnt you kill yourself earlier ? You see , because deeply , you know you deserve a chance . You just dont realize that . This isn’t going out to my friend only , but dedicating to people who feels like giving up , gave up as well as people who are still alive but living life dead . The reason why people commits suicide is they feel they don’t deserves a chance . Wait , wait , I am not encouraging anyone to commit suicide . It’s not the end my beautiful people . Who doesn’t face disasters in life ?
Always tell yourself It’s Okay. You have dreams, goals , so what now?  Waste it and ruin it?
No one can see the future . A useless person can be successful and a successful person can end up useless too . The people who respects you when you have nothing RESPECT them when you succeed.  It all comes from your attitude , how you think and handle your challenges . That defines your future . Come on, make the first step , give it a try. You never know .

*This Blog post for today is dedicating to my classmate during my secondary school, It’s been a pleasure to have met you, study with you, sharing ideas with you, preparing for Preliminary Exams & N Level Examinations with you, sharing my interests & problems.
I hope that you will excel well in your further Education , Career as well as in Life , Don’t ruin yourself just to fit in. Do what you should do not what others tell you to do. And I’m gonna miss that slap in front of the classroom!!!
God Bless you.



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