I Thank God.

I would like to thank Durga(Dhi) for always waiting for me under my block just to go to school together , She would also use most of her time even though she has something to attend to sometimes,she would usually sacrifice her time with me . Little chats,more sharing as well as our must-have daily JOKES!

Sadly I have to say that October 9 2015 was the last day we left school on our way home together as students ( with our school uniform on! ). From netball training during Sec1(Year 2012) to October 9 2015 ,I have to say I’m gonna miss going home with Izzati as well, she is always with us wherever we go lepak(a Malay word for chilling out or relax at any particular place) .

So after my N Level Examinations instead of loitering around outside or ‘Eat&Sleep’ at home, I feel honored being offered a job as a Telemarketer by my favorite teacher , Ms Hazel! I know I am not really good or trained in terms of making and answering calls,yeah I can say it isn’t easy as what I expected before I stepped into my office.


So this beautiful friendship routine still goes on! This time with office/work wear , Durga will always wait for me under my block and at usual meeting point and we meet again!


Last night was a disaster for me. Nothing much in my mind , I had a terrible nightmare of her.She was badly hurt physically,mentally and emotionally. So the moment I woke up I couldn’t seem to recall anything but i know it’s a terrible dream(nightmare) about her. Like what in the movies and TV drama series dialogues ? “It’s okay,It’s just a nightmare,go back to sleep”

This morning was another disaster. She would usually wait for me and in fact she will always be on time. It turned the other way round this morning , I waited for her half an hour . Even an old shop uncle was asking me where is she , I had to lie that she was on the way. I did messaged her sister , she didn’t replied either. Then I was worry. And worry. More worry.

I am worry not because of waiting for her for half an hour but I WAS SO WORKED UP AND FEELING SO TROUBLED AND I WAS AFRAID SOMETHING MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED TO HER LIKE WHAT HAPPENED IN MY DREAM LAST NIGHT!!!!! Then I heard her voice from the back calling out my name loudly and cheerfully. I was controlling my tears as I do not want her to feel worry and feel bad about herself being late , she said she overslept DESPITE ME GIVING HER WAKE UP CALLS ???? NEVER TRUST “5 MINUTES” YOU SAY TO YOURSELF IN THE MORNING WHEN YOU ARE HALF AWAKE THEY ARE THE BIGGEST LIE

Solution : Slap yourself hard for ten times , it will work.

THANK GOD THANK GOD THANK GOD I was praying to myself , fortunately she is safe and sound , she was smiling and she came to me and hugging me tight. The problem with me? I’m so into my dream(during sleep dream) whatever is happening. But sometimes, you never know.


God Bless you , my dear.


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