Farewell – 2015

Whew!  Finally, 4 years of hardwork pays off! (Hopefully?)
Just completed my N Level Examinations and it feels so great and relieving after having sleepless nights just to revise for my exams!


But still, leaving the school is quite  saddening for me as that was where I developed my confidence towards learning. The place where I found a true friend and also where I got my first ‘A’.
I’ve learned that achieving is not easy unless you put in your effort, constantly.

Adding to this,I feel honored to be leaving this school for good ,meeting and working with beautiful people! It’s been a momentous year for me!
I have been receiving farewell messages from my from my lovelies and teachers! I can’t stand goodbye….
Unfortunately this unimpressive message made my day:


I don’t remember having her as my bestfriend and in fact, I have never treated her as my bestfriend before, maybe she assumed I was?
She broke my trust once or twice, yes I did forgave her and we start anew. But when someone is repeatedly on and off being ridiculous to you? Oh come on, I bet people who are facing this including Haidah and Iqah, You have a better life! Go and achieve and chase your dreams instead of having to cry over or tolerate with this kind of friends. It’s pointless someone assume you are their bestfriend but in action they are not. So don’t waste time. Life is precious. I really laughed hard upon reading this message as it’s pretty hilarious! It’s like someone threw you aside one moment, you were chasing them, but once you have moved on and mind your own business,they will eventually come back to you.
Moral of the story: Think twice before you are willing to leave/abandon someone (If you have the heart to), because sometimes you will not be forgiven for the foolish choices you made. On the other hand, this is not my loss or anyone’s.At the end of the day, it’s your loss.


I would like to thank the people from the picture below (and above) , A HUGE THANKS to you guys for leaving me with alot of beautiful memories, as well as my fellow dunearnites!

Should I post the “photoshopped” class photo down here? Okay nevermind or else Elton will yell at me! #Introvert VS Extrovert



For students who are still having your exams , wishing you ALL THE BEST for your exams! Whether it is a test,a new journey in life ,N or O or A or whatever alphabet Level Examinations, All the best Lovelies! Excel well!


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