It’s Teachers’ Day!

I haven’t been updating my blog due to loads of revisions and study pressures going on in my mind , this exam seasons .
Given to this day , I just feel like doing this to express my gratitude towards my school .
It’s my final year this year, and yes I’m happy to leave here ( but cant bear to leave … )
I still remember I used to b the lowest in Mathematics , Science, English . And now everywhere I go in school people are praising me . And you know I hate people who expect miracle to happen without hardwork  .
I dont know what my favorite teachers ( Ms Aini, Mr Louis Chin & Ms Hazel ) did to me until this extend that now I am constantly enjoy studying . I used to hate Math & Science !!  Oh dear those were the times right ?

I used to daydream in class until this day (2013) when Mr Chin , with his fierce frustrating tone, asking me to repeat what he said earlier on during math lesson .  Oh dear, luckily I was able to, despite murmuring rubbish . Then he said in an unfriendly manner “You are Lucky this time . ” That was when I literally stopped myself to daydream or get distracted during lesson time . I am not criticizing or whatsoever  , but I learned my lesson right ? Till now , I dare not close my eyes during lessons .

Ms Aini , the golden key ! ❤
Earlier this year, Ms Aini and Mr Chin discussed and announced who will be the Class Chairperson for this year ( 0.1/10 voted for me ) , I was giggling with my classmates knowing that its hilarious having me as a leader . Yes, its funny now . I did not expect that I am the chairman now . I may not be the president of student councillor, student councillor, CCA (Co curriculum Activities ) Captain (I dont even have a CCA ) , but being a leader in my class really…  I just feel blessed eventhough it may not be a big deal to some . I was rejected COUNTLESS OF TIMES when it comes to getting me enrolled in leadership positions . I lost hope after that . My teachers were telling me, “Why not , it’s not wrong giving it a try” .
Honestly, I enjoy getting things organized , organizing stuffs as well as working with my vice chairman . #extrovertedLeader !


And there’s this fairy godmother Ms Hazel the moment she enter into our classroom starts to give treats, gifts, organize trips ,excursions etc etc etc etc etc . I am not saying she is pampering us but indeed she is inspiring too , well I love to approach her as she always give opportunities to develop my skills . I should thank her for the loads of certificates I was awarded.


Never Say No To Good Opportunities

I really learned that there’s always opportunities waiting for you, and you can’t expect them to come to you .
Not all teachers may be as caring as my teachers , but I would like to say there’s good reason why they are targeting you .
On top of these , I would like to thank the three of my favorite teachers for not giving up on me even when I’m at my lowest, you have always been a great teacher to me
Once again, Happy Teacher’s Day Lovelies ❤
Continue to target me , I won’t mind ! ❤


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