Is being Fair, Fair Enough ?


Whitening creams , whitening masks ,
whitening lotions , etc etc are all extremely popular worldwide . I’ve read articles about how Indian Girls (with dark complexion skin tone ) out there struggled , going through depression just to keep themselves fair enough to impress people , to be presentable . I also read an article news about a girl from India , she has always so passionate to become a pageant / model , apparently she was rejected after her modelling audition countless of times because of her dark complexion skin tone.
( Yeah Everyone knows that Indian Model Agencies only hires people with fair skin tones ) This has even led her to suicide . Not only her , but many more out there .
I am not criticizing or dissing people with fair skin . They are innocent too, aren’t they ? The main problem , lack of confidence can really affect you . If your obsession goes on because of not fitting in the community , you are probably not finding yourself . If you are born with it  , be proud to say it. Seriously, what’s so embarrassing about having dark skin ? Even Caucasians go for tanning to darken themselves .

I’ve been living my life wheres my haters often makes fun of me , of my skin color,  even some of my classmates do call me names like “niggas” . I ain’t falling for what you said . Keep that in mind . It’s been a decade I’ve heard all those judgemental uncivilized people saying that to me . 
Because God don’t judge people with dark or fair skin , God only judges people with dark hearts .


Over the years till now in India, it has been a huge demand there stating “You Should Be Fair To Be Beautiful ” through showcasing of movies and advertisements etc .  Due to this  , markets globally has been on the rise .
For those with dark complexion skin tone (including me) , you might be wondering tons of whitening creams do not work for you  , tons of facial treatments do not work for you either  . Even if it works for you  , it only stays on over a temporary period of time and you have to constantly buy your costly products + applying it .
And in Singapore here , Little India is now popular for these whitening treatments  .  And this is the time when you get too desperate and will try illegal beauty pills (through online I guess ?) . Because illegal beauty pills are cheap and effective , and you forget that it’s too strong and risky . Hell No .You can watch Fashion Documentaries & Articles if no one here believes me . In addition to that , people are judging you more .
I just wanna say that even I have dark complexion skin tone , and Im proud of that. Wheather whoever judges me or not , it’s even more embarrassing for me to be on the hunt for whitening creams and treatments to whiten myself . I rather be unique than ordinary . It’s nothing wrong being “odd one out ” !

People with Dark Skin Tones ( Like me Yay ! )
You are never ugly , unless you have such disgraceful attitude . That same goes to everyone . Seriously , if your friends or whoever thinks that people with dark skin are ugly, bad etc etc , you kidding me ?
Unfortunately , some people just look at one’s color’s , but not one’s character . You have alot to learn then . ( Good luck ! , Lessons better than Advice ! )
Because God don’t judges fair / dark people , God only judge people with dark heart

Simple, I don’t believe in Whitening creams ,masks, lotions or whatever what’s new in the market .
Everything in Singapore are all increasing insanely , I won’t spend my money unnecessarily on stuffs that will make me more obsessed . ( I’m not referring to my makeup ! )
Instead , sit back and be yourself  !



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