Why People Are Siding Their Disloyal Friends ?

I am just curious why people are always siding their disloyal friends . Not knowing their disloyal  , that’s okay.
But being such a birdbrained person is when you already know that your friends are disloyal towards you and you are still siding them . Don’t you think you are living life  unfairly ?

Everyone has their right to do whatever they want , as long as it doesn’t harm them . But I just dislike seeing people siding their disloyal friends just to fit in .

I rather be alone than being with a bunch of disloyal friends . You can never sleep in peace . The common thing you will be likely to face whenever you are too close with your disloyal friends is they tend to twist your story in order to cover up for themselves .
If anyone encounter this problem in their daily life , they are your “frenemies” . A Combination of a Friend and an Enemy . Looks like your friend but Behaves like an enemy .

One of my classmate told me about his enemy . He was blabbering to me  unnecessary stuffs about his friend while he is currently quite close to his so called “friend ” or “enemy” or whatsoever . 
Don’t you have shame ?
This same goes out to some of my “used to be” girlfriends .
Apparently I can’t get along with their attitude . Their sincerity , you may want to observe them further . I used to encounter this problem very often a year ago . Ultimately this has taught me to be more alert , I rather shut my mouth than having to share my personal issues with people . I just pity my friend who has recently had a huge blow . May God Bless you . Because in the first place you shouldn’t have been mixing with bad companies .

In other words  , I have no comments  . Just do what you want , Because “Lessons Are Better than Advice ” .


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