Once Bitten , Twice Shy

Okay I have this bad attitude of mine , and people literally thought that I don’t forgive people at all . Since when did I ever said that I won’t forgive people ?

Recently my “used to be” close friends dumped me . I pretended to be happy and not affected at all for almost a month  . No one sees it except my bestfriend. Good that not many people sees it , as it’s not necessary for them either .

If you are one of them reading this , I just wanna say , sometimes it’s too late to apologize . It took me a month or two to move on and accept the fact that they are my “bitches” already . I am proud to say that. You and your shameless  , childish attitude  . I’m 16 , I am always childish , but only when it comes to joking matters. Not serious shit. Sometimes the oldest friend you might have has the most disgrace attitude . They may talk well, they may lead people well, but when it comes to misunderstandings, you are highly a blameworthy person, and that’s the fact !

Out of a sudden, my “used to be ” close friends just left me one corner and start hanging out and mixing with their enemies. Faces turned into “so devil”(they look jealous) whenever the teachers praise me or promote me .
I did asked them politely and sometimes you are a trash when you are too generous. They said its nothing, but I heard long stories at the back. (I overheard their conversation )
If only I am an evil person, I would have reveal all their secrets of what they have been gossiping about their enemies(they are currently mixing with) . They should be glad that I do not have time for all these nonsense and I am not that type of person . I have better things to do, for instance laughing at their silliness . And my laughter just make people happy, upset, jealous and annoyed. Good.
Little by little of my “used to be” friends are coming closer to me. Slowly, and I’ve been observing. Let them go ahead. After all, the reason why I am helping some of my haters its because that’s part of my job. I won’t lose my self reputation . My job is different from my friendship( personal ) issues .But some of them just took it to another level that I want to get back to them. What a joke.


I was just being too generous  .
Used to .


Yes, I decided to share about this to one of my friend. Thanks, and sorry. I’m not too easy and generous. I’m no “Secondary2” Salimah.
So apparently this positive advice has led me to reflect about myself. I would say..
I’m not forgiving them, I’m not unforgiving them either. Hence, I JUST LEAVE THE MATTER. No comments about them. No hatred . So please don’t judge me saying I’m an unforgiving person. I just hate to deal unnecessary stuffs in my life. I’m happy that I am peaceful now. I respect my love ones, the ones who respects me and teaches me right from wrong. Thanks once again. And please use that advice for yourself too.

Moral Of The Story

Friends Life
Love me or Hate Me. It’s all up to you. Because Friends are part of Life, Not Your Life.


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