I’ve Never Celebrated Youth Day In My Entire Life

The title explains it , yeah I don’t hang out with my friends at all .
Apparently Youth Day is a holiday which dedicates to the youths. Well I have never celebrated Youth Day before .
If anyone can tell me what is Youth Day all about (based on your experience ) i would be glad if you can comment it down below .
The reason why I have never hangout with my friends , I love my mum and I obey her rules .
She doesn’t want me to get involve in bad company and lose interest in my studies. I would like to thank her as well as some of my friends ( & my dhi (durga)especially  ) that this has lead me to thinking positive and take special importance for my Education & Career Life . 
In the previous years my mum and I often quarrel and have misunderstandings due to this issue  .
I can say this is a very sensitive issue to most teenagers nowadays . Alot of parents feel that they have failed on raising and disciplining their kids .


Urmm.. I am not doing parenting blogging now .  Don’t get me wrong . A Youth Day is just an extra day of holiday for me to catch-up with my studies and relax myself if i have been staying up so late during weekdays . Well  , I am thankful to have good role models friends, teachers and my mum  !


Okay yes  , I did learned alot from this asshole from my class . He is known to be the most badass in my class with also saddening background  . He did told me abit of his past life experience  , I just don’t feel like asking him alot of questions as he might feel affected or disturbed if he were to reflect more about his past life  . The way he is handling his life  , I am always asking myself this generally “Why are people behaving so differently from what they had advise others ? ” Me reflecting from what he said to me (Pic above ) , he may be regretting what he had done  .

My math teacher Ms Aini ,have always shared with me about her past experience of her mum not letting her go out . This is so similar to my current situation . She always said to me “Do well to get the golden key” .

These advises has always been reminding me constantly throughout my daily life  . I bet I am not the only one who can’t really go out with friends . Your parents / guardians have a specific reason for that  . You should be glad having good role model friends  . You not gonna be sticking your ass at home for your entire life  , eventually one day they will be nagging at you to go out and work  . That’s what my mum has been encouraging me to do so after my N Level Examinations . Based on my experiences of not having much freedom  , I am not upset or unhappy upon having this kind of teenage life  .
In fact I am happy that my mum has raised me this way that teaches me to see right from wrong  .  Well Atleast i get to spend with my friends whenever I have outdoor school competitions as well as my after school hours  .

Moral of my Story Upon Hearing Their Stories

If you ever make a wrong turn in life  , you can never make a U turn back easily like how you made your first wrong turn  .
Seeing my friends going through their hard times and consequences of their wrong turn  , I learned that the world is not generous enough to give you advises  , Hence they let you feel the pain. Which can be unforgettable.
Being a youth is not easy , you are always being restricted for unknown reasons . We are always curious yet adventurous to try out stuffs that make look appealing to you  . I emphasize on being wise  .


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