How To Maintain A Beautiful Friendship

If you love your friends who believes in no hardships & afraid of facing challenges  , You Are A Big Loser.

A friend whom faces lots of challenges in his/her life  , this is a friend for you. Don’t get me wrong  ,I am not telling you to make friends with criminals ( As you may think criminals faces challenges too ) . You have literally mistaken what i have mentioned  .

A friend who may lost their love ones  , no time for their love ones, lack of their family Bonding  , have countless of haters and people who always make fun of them.
They are the ones who knows the pain really well better than you  , they experienced hardships way more than you. If you still see them smiling and being positive towards others and even to themselves, this is a friend for you , the right friend .
For your information  , how long you and your peer have been friends does not determines how loyal your friendship is. Its how truthful you are to your peer, to each other , that’s the most important.


A Good Friend is not an 100% upright person  , they make mistakes (Everyone makes mistakes though ) , but they learned from themselves and they ensure you prevent from making mistakes too. They correct you when you are about to make a wrong turn in life.

1. Be Friendly (Of course )

You should have an approachable attitude ,because you can’t expect your friend to approach or talk to you first all the time . Chill, you are not gonna propose her / him. You do not have to be so “expect your friends to come to you” .


2. Trust

It’s unnecessary to be overly suspicious of your friend for every small little things  , if he/she is behaving strangely  , go find out and ask . Being so overly suspicious can lead to quarrels , misunderstandings and also rumours unnecessarily. This can even make your friends / bestie behaves like a stranger to you one day. You do not need all these nonsense. If you don’t trust your bestie, you can’t expect him/her to trust you. And be alert who to trust. And if you don’t trust your friend, leave them alone.

3. Make Jokes


Have fun with him/her by spending time with each other, Bonding with each other as well as make jokes ! You can entertain them at the same time making yourself laugh too. Your bestie is more likely to appreciate you and go to you more if you make your friendship interesting . You may not have time to spend with your peers , but atleast do send him/her some hilarious or interesting stuffs you find online. Share it ! Having sense of humour is also important  , be sure when to joke around and when not to. You should know what type of joke they are comfortable with. Not many are comfortable with sex jokes, as they do not have a dirty mind like yours.

4. Their Current Lifestyle

If you are the type (like me) who does not like mixing with bad companies , you should consider this.
Observe the way they handle things, even small little matters can really shows what type of friend he/she is. If you think you are so easy to get influenced with, consider this.
Knowing when or not to be too close with them is important. My Bestfriend always remind me this frequently  , “Friends are Part Of Life  , But not Your Life “. Get this in your head. Don’t be silly and force yourself to get involved in illegal activities for the sake of your friends. If you wish to make a sacrifice  , know how to,by not harming yourself. Fairness is always important too. You have your own life and future. Don’t ruin that just because of a friend. Choose your friends wisely  , the person whom stop you and against you from doing stuffs that may harm yourself.


Observe them when you are in the state of confusion, sadness and anger. This determines how concern and upright your friend is. When you fought (quarrels are common in friendship ) , wake up and observe the people around you. How they behaves and react.

And basically that’s the “Basic” Tips you can use for Choosing a Right Friend. Which is visible (Sometimes We Happened To Close One Eye) That’s the Reason I am sharing here. This may be optional for some and I am just sharing what my bestfriend (Durga,read below )has taught me in these 4 years with her.


Let me introduce you my bestfriend  , the girl who changed my perspective of life.
Her name is Durga  , i first met her when we were in Secondary one  . She is no ordinary teenager. She behaves like a teenager at times , (you can’t expect all teens to be well behave ) , but she talks like an adult  .

Yes, I did mentioned about having knowledge is not enough  (My Blog on “You Can’t Expect Everyone To Be Like You”) . Yes , the way she handle her life really impress me. Those actions  from her has taught me lots of being more positive . I am not praising her or whatsoever  , but she is an Inspiring teen.
I will not reveal much about her as i do not like revealing about people alot too deeply.
I have never had a friend who has a incomplete family  , she is the first whom i met.This has really taught me how precious Life is  , and Life has lots of tasks for you, including achieving your dreams . She has never gave up on encouraging me, pushing me up to see what’s happening in the real world out there.

If she or anyone is reading this  , I would be greatful to thank her (Though My Worldwide Blog Here) for Inspiring me, encouraging me, guiding me up even whenever I cry over small little things, she has changed a Negative Salimah to a Positive Salimah. I just wanna say  , I Love Her . Keep it Up, Be a good role model and inspire other people around you!


2 thoughts on “How To Maintain A Beautiful Friendship

  1. Awww!!!i luv u soooooo much too dhi…sometimes in life its really easy to tell someome but its hard for someone 2 do tad…. more than me.. im proud of u dhi…stay strong…n thx for holding my hands even i was about to fall down to the deepest in the ground….no matter wad u will always be my best friend…u will b someone tad i wont 4rget through out my life too..MAY GOD
    BLESS U…

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