Day in My Life – Eid Day

I am grateful to have spent alot of my time with my family  , having reunion breakfast (family gathering ) .
First thing in the Morning when everyone’s home ready  , my siblings and I seek forgiveness from our parents  . Mummy cried, as usual.  I feel her love when she shed tears. I just wanna say i love her , as well as daddy .

Always Treasure the Moments you have with your Love Ones. Because Not Many Have This Huge Opportunity Given.


You may be wondering why am I walking like this without my heels. My Ridiculous Heels. My feet were killing me. After visiting a few houses  , i went bare footed (since the floor is not that dirty and no one was around except my family ) . I love wearing heels as it’s just so sexy looking and classy  . We women always look professional when we are on our heels. But the pain, hell no. I have been enduring the pain. I guess my “Charles & Keith” heels are just too fitted for my feet. Well,  that was the biggest size i bought. I’m left with no choice.
I am just curious  , are the girls with big footed (like me ) are struggling with pain when wearing heels ? ( If you know how to prevent the pain  , hope you wouldn’t mine sharing it down the comment below. )

Lesson Learned

I should’nt bought the heels with the sharp looking (V shaped) at the toes (front) of the heels. People with big footed like me, you should avoid this.  It was such a great pain i have been enduring until then my family decided to go home by taxi .
When i went back home (till now the third day) i have bruises on some of my little toes . And now i can’t seem to sleep peacefully since my toes is filled with medicated oil (for my bruises ) . It’s also painful when i touch it or even shower.

I’m A Foodie

Speaking of the foods, i can say once i return school my skirt will be tight. Yeah that explains everything  , I’ve been eating alot. That’s part of my happiness. Tressure that. People make fun of your body for the sake to entertain themselves . It’s your body. You Dont have to care what people comment how big or small your body is. Stop that. Change for yourself. Not people who judge you.


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