No Huge Excitement For Raya For The First Time

I would usually feel a huge sense of excitement every year for Hari Raya(Eid Day) but unfortunately not this year. Sigh


In a few months time i am taking my N Level Examination  ,that explains why i am not in a mood. It’s not that i am pulling a long face for Hari Raya tomorrow. I am happy to spend so much time with my family after so much of my schoolwork stress i can now enjoy my mum’s cook and the Hari Raya cookies. I am excited to wait for my brother to come home since he is serving his NS (National Service Singapore) . Speaking of my brother, he hasn’t come home for a week or two busy serving the nation. I am proud to see my brother serving his NS bravely through the hardship he is going through right now.

To All Muslims

I would like to wish all Muslims a Selamat Hari Raya  , Maaf Zahir & Batin / Eid Mubarak! 



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