You Can’t Expect Everyone To Be Like You



As i didnt blog yesterday  , i just want to share about what happened last night  .
What i do not really believe in is “Religious Men” . But i believe in my religion ☺ I am not saying that i am against Religious Men  . Yes  , if u believe in God, and you are religious, that’s a good thing(for you).
And if you prove people around you that you are religious based on your behavior  , attitude  , self and your image  , i respect you .

Let’s get straight to the point  . We had Night Study Programme last night for graduating classes ( since this is my last year in Secondary ) and some of my classmates were wearing their Class Tshirt  . We students know that we have our names or nicknames on our class Tshirt . Okay i can say some of my classmates have funny funny names . I was wondering why did Fatris(my classmate ) has his Class Tshirt named as “Umar” or “Uma” i can’t really recall  . I did told this to another of my classmate Muz . He immediately inform his friend Fatris,the guy with “Umar” at the back of his Class Tshirt. He frowned at me and was telling things off at me. In a way like yelling (raising his voice ) . He said to me that I as a muslim should be knowing all these  , i as a muslim should be a role model  , i as a muslim so on and so fourth  .

Okay, is it that difficult to just tell me why he put his Class Tshirt named as “Umar” ? I admit that i am not a religious person like how religious he think he is. In fact  , i do not do sins (if i do, i learn from my mistakes , Everyone makes mistakes though ) i obey my parents and teachers for my own good. I work hard in studies for my future. I guide my friends up whenever they needed help. People who are reading this thinks that he is a nice boy. But in fact  , our class will never forget what he had sent in our class Whatsapp group  . He was telling me off since he have alot of knowledge in Islam religion  . Wait, knowledge is not enough. But your attitude. Is pointless having a smart friend but all he/she does is hurting you, a disgrace to themselves. So thats what i meant by knowledge is not enough.

My Opinion
Sometimes i just feel exhausted debating with him. He can’t get it right in his mind. He always think that he is always right despite sometimes he may be wrong . (Capricorns are like that )

If you are really religious  , excuse me you wouldn’t have been touchingsome other girls physically  ,he wouldn’t have been talking rudely  , he wouldn’t have talking nasty to some girls, he wouldn’t have send inappropriate stuffs and lastly he wouldn’t look down on people. In fact he did all these. I felt upset at the moment when he raised his voice at me the manner of how he look down on me  . Another moment i just feel like laughing at him because how many people like me he has look down  . Religious is not knowledge  , Religious is not an education.

To All Non Religious People

Honestly speaking , Religious people are not bad people. Non religious people are not bad people and that same goes to free thinkers or whoever . Please do not have the habit to think non religious people are bad  , living with bad habits and disobedient  . Maybe some of them you met in your life, yes. We all met that bunch of types of people. Being a good person depends on your image and your attitude towards yourself as well as the people around you. So based on what people (Religious, non religious or free thinkers) think or judge about you, there is no right or wrong answer to that. Its all a matter of how you behave and talk to people.


One thought on “You Can’t Expect Everyone To Be Like You

  1. Wow well done my dear salimah….so next time people will learn their lesson that CHARACTER is the thing tad will bring them far…some of them understand it slowly…dont worry my dear sis..u still have ur durga(dhi)sis 4 u…

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