I’m gonna eat a little from now onwards. No more “Foodie Salimah” ? I don’t know.

Well, life has been pretty much nice and easy even though there were ups and downs here and there. Before holidays started , I was a little busy in school til I didn’t really have time to eat breakfast and lunch. But But But But that didn’t stop me from eating , I have caring classmates who would buy me food such as snacks and fruits which I really didn’t expect that they would get it for me without me asking for it! From there, I’ve been eating good foods and been constantly eating and going out JUST TO EAT . Every time I decide on a location to meet up with friends , ITS THE FOOD that concerned me more

Be if its my favorite Moroccan cuisine foods or Italian , Indian , Malay , Indian-Muslim ( Indian Muslim food tastes slightly different from Indian and Malay foods ; if you’re not aware ) and lastly our favorite FAST FOODS . In addition , overseas too .

Hence , posting what I eat most of the time makes me feel good HEHEHEHE . I have people coming to me saying that I’m such a big eater so on and so fourth . But that didn’t stop me from eating either .

At the same time , most of my friends do know that I’m not a fan of sports . Hey , don’t judge me ! I used to be active as a netball player during my secondary school times ! ( before conflicts started among my seniors and myself in Dunearn )
Great eater who doesn’t exercise , I’m insane hahahahaha !! I don’t see any wrong eating thrice in restaurants or coffee shops . Those who judge definitely can’t finish up half of bowl clean LOL
I am not sure if you find me irritating hehehehe as my bro as well as one of my friend Parimal has been asking me to work out , gym and whatsover relating to exercising hahaha ! He would always push me to go for a jog atleast once a week and Pari would ask me to work out ( I’ll never forget that hahaha !! ) Not forgetting Tosh , HE EVEN ASKED ME TO PLAY FOOTBALL AND I’M LIKE BRUHHHHHHHHH !!! Okay honestly , I’ve never been to the gym up to the time when a fitness instructor ( some random person which I don’t know ) approached me and my bestfriend . It’s all those crazy big ass machines and metal objects when I stepped into the gym . From my view , the place is crazier than how I eat . Hmm , would be great if anyone could accompany me to the gym since some people have been passing rude remarks about my body .

I haven’t been on Twitter for quite some time as I felt I should distance myself for a while
Twitter don’t really make you feel better all the time lol . In fact , you end up pouring all of your feelings out which I feel it’s not necessary for some people to know . Blog posts is something not many would read as it’s too wordy ?

It saddens me when they repeatedly comment sarcastically about my body
Don’t get me wrong , I wasn’t reffering to concerns . It’s silly remarks that some are trying so hard to make it sound “concerning” . There is big difference there
They praised you one moment and gives u negative remarks another moment ( that makes no sense at all i swear ) …
I mean HELLO ????!!!!
I don’t demand any compliments
Same for labelling or calling myself “pretty” NO I DONT DO THAT
Something I wanna share , I don’t live for guys
So whatever guys think of me and makes them not want me due to my physical appearance really doesn’t matter to me
Don’t make it seem like he will divorce or break up with you just beacuase you grow fat
Encouraging me to slim down using stupid excuses really pissed me off
I don’t know , it’s really hard for me to say
I don’t wish to lose weight ? Looking thin looks ugly on me i guess
It’s really saddening for me
On top of this , I’m sure I’m not to blame for all this.

After so much of ranting , I think I’ve disappointed myself by making myself affected .
I’m not sure if I should end here , HAHAHHA WILLIAM IS SOMEONE WHO CAN ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS OR ISSUES , based on my experience


Thank you so much to those have been supporting me and giving me positive advices . Putting aside some who gave nasty remarks , I am blessed to have such nice people by my side . It’s 2am now , I’m not gonna write much !
I hope I can make time for myself often in the future to write ; I’ve missed out on many occasions.

I hosted for NE Dialogue 2016


I’m so happy to be back sharing with you that I hosted another event !! I am so been doing it passionately .
My favorite teacher Ms Aini ( whichh is my CCA teacher ) referred me to one of the Section Head. She spoke to me and asked me whether I would like to host for a formal event in school . All I said was “YES YES!!” I’ll never say No to Opportunity !! She made my day ; Every time when people come to me and give me stage / host opportunity !! I just love facing the audience . This happened before I hosted for Speak Good English Movement Event . 2 events to host , I was really looking forward to that !


Honestly , rehearsals were so heartbreaking .
I was surrounded by lecturers I don’t know ( that was fine ! ) , they were all staring at how I talked , rehearsed , walk , stand etc !! There was once I actually mispronounced a word ( hahahaha !! ) and guess what ? I got yelled by one of them . Urm …. yea
Thankfully I was given a rostrum to host for the event !!
If you’re not sure what a rostrum is , it’s something like a raised platform you see during formal events , used for public speaking .


I nearly sob at the same time I was a little pissed with one of the lecturer who yelled at me again and again . I was told that I didn’t project my voice . I am always loud , I don’t get how loud he wanted it to be . I’m okay with elders yelling at me , but I was yelled at in front of audience during my full dress rehearsal day . And , I’m hosting alone
So … if you think hosting or training to be a good emcee is a cool or easy thing ? YOU ARE WRONG . I was so nervous to host for the actual day event . I was not nervous due to stage fright , but the male lecturer who had very high expectations on me .
I practiced and worked on my voice projections while I was home . I felt discouraged and I tried distracting myself by chatting with Durga , Parimal and some others .

I can’t do anything to make myself feel better other than to not stop practicing the correct flow of speaking . Maybe I was a little exhausted on – off . Definitely , lectures , section heads and course manager had expectations , high expectations .

I deeply understand that this event is involving important guests such as the Minister and Parliamentary Secretary ( Minister for Education , Ong Ye Kung )
Through this , I learned to be more serious and independent when it comes to solo – hosting .

Thank You God !!

Any hosts feels happy that isn’t any changes to the event , means she / he is not a good host ( so dumb ! )
Oh my god .. Is that quoted by me
No event is a fixed thing !

Thankfully , NE Dialogue event went well and smoothly , I was able to interact with Minister Ong while hosting the audience . I went to the refreshment corner and was chatting with Shaznay when a guy approached me . we shook hands AND HE WAS SHOWERING ME WITH COMPLIMENTS , and He’s one of the MOE Officers .

Hereby , I would like to thank my ITE seniors , classmates , lecturers , section heads , course manager . family and friends who have been supporting , encouraging me and giving gifts and  sweet good luck messages everywhere !! Thank  you ! I really really hope to host more events in future

My First Time Dancing? Oh yes

Heyyy Everyone!!!!
It’s been awhile yea and some of my friends has been asking why I haven’t been updating my blog here.
My schedule is tight and packed !! 😥
I hope I can use my free time now to update you guys what have I been up to recently. 🙂

You saw it from the post title “My First Time Dancing” yes but before that hosting comes first hahahahaha! Recently, I had to meet up with my CCA teacher (Campus Radio) Ms Aini, who was in charge of SGEM event organized by Campus Radio itself.

Speaking of SGEM, Speak Good English Movement is basically a mini event hmmmm , a workshop whereby ITE College West school lecturer and a few guests speakers will be presenting and conducting activities for selected students (which is the students lurh).  In addition, giving talks on public speaking to educate them on how to improve presentation skills. Interesting! You all know I love presentations and public speaking! hahaha!


I am grateful to be given the opportunity to host SGEM event! Hosting again?! YAY

What I always tell Eka, my DJMate, I love love hosting for formal event, you get to dress up and talk formally looking so professional , I like it 😉 Oh yea, Eka was the camerawoman for the event!

Ms Aini selected me to be the host and I was asked to find a co-host for SGEM event.

After approaching some student DJs, I couldn’t managed to find a co-host.

I got Jay as my co-host. He seemed interested with no experience in hosting so I told him why not give a try hosting for SGEM event. After a few hosting rehearsal, I noticed that once Jay starts talking by looking at the script, he will start reading my lines which I swear it’s annoying. The night before SGEM event day, I was so god damn worried til I spoke to Shan about it. Right after we had a good talk, thank you so much?

I had 2-3hours of sleep before the actual event day which took place last Wednesday. It wasn’t easy. When you were struggling to be strong emotionally. Extremely upset and having to face hundreds of audience and doing a speech and hosting…. It doesn’t sound easy. But with god’s help and my sis durga encouraging me on the phone, BIG THANK YOU TO THE BOTH OF YOU. Person is dead, but memories never die. I am happy. I swear I am happy. Thank you Dhi(Durga), you told me upteen times on the phone at 2am before SGEM event day; you said SGEM will be one of the best day I will experience in ITE. Yes, it really happened; it’s true. Thanks to my sis. Without her and god’s help, I wouldn’t be this strong. Moreover, Shan never disappointed me, Shan was there for me, dealing with my nonsense and make my day. Sadly, I can’t deal with your stupidity. Unfortunately with his auntie story, he turn himself into a monster. Actually, you look like one too wokey? Jolly well head their advice if they ever asks you to jump off from a building. Hahahaha!!

Back to my co-host story 👍

Thankfully I warned him quite a number of times and that didn’t happened on the actual day itself. It is just that his hands were shaking, his nervousness is obvious by looking at his facial expressions.

Nevertheless, I understand that he have stage fright and talking loud infront of crowd is not what he usually do. Unlike me, I’m always loud hahahaha!! Honestly speaking, what disappointed me was he did not really take initiative to know what was going on during the event. Even before the event. I was at the ladies when Ms Aini spoke to him. He passed me a small piece of note in which Ms Aini wrote in that small piece of note. I was not aware what was happening, so did he. But he didn’t really willing to ask Ms Aini but to rely on me instead by pushing the job to me. Hmm, I don’t blame him for that. But was kinda disappointing lah… He is 18 year old accounting student while I’m his junior…. Definitely in some areas I expected something good. He isn’t confident talking, I understand. But seemed like he don’t bother putting any effort to ensure everything is smooth…. When i asked him questions he couldn’t tell me anything on what Ms Aini told him until I spoke to Ms Aini personally to ask. He mentioned to me “I don’t know, you just do for me” What the hell?Can you imagine if I was on MC on that actual day itself? hahahaha Great thing was? He had the courage to come and spoke to the audience!

Having Professional Emcee Sean as my inspiration host, I managed the hosting as well as the event well whew. Sean would always tell me : when it comes to hosting or any other duties that requires you to hold responsibilities, always clear doubts and ensure you know what is happening and know what to do.
When I observed him Sean while hosting with him, I learned alot not through his words, but how he actually stepped forward , took initiative and went all around to figure out solutions and clear doubts.
Sometimes you feel awkward having to ask countless of questions…
Honestly speaking, it is much better to ask questions than to stand there, freeze and acting like you know everything. When it comes to hosting and you are unsure of what is happening, good luck to you then.


Guess who was the guest speaker that day?
Singapore Media Personality in television as well as radio!!

Well, I remembered listening to Jade Seah on 987FM when I was young. 24 October 2016 which was last Wednesday, she came and gave a short speech and we chat hehehe

I managed to take a few pictures and videos with her!


I would like to thank gorgeous Ms Aini for giving me a great opportunity to build myself up slowly in hosting. I am definitely looking forward to improve myself in public speaking and my presentation skills! To more hosting please thank you ❤❤❤

And also special thanks to Campus Radio crews who were there helping out SGEM event, making sure the event went smoothly! You guys did an awesome job!

First Time Dancing!

Yes Finally I’m at this topic. I am not a dancer, I don’t dance. I never dance and never will til Ms Wong called out my name to perform for an event called BSV Got Talent. BSV Got Talent event is basically where all Business Services course students compete among one another on stage. Be it dancing, drama, singing or rapping ( but none rapped hahaha! )

My class including myself weren’t interested for this at all. Ms Wong called out some names as well as myself and we were asked to discuss on what to perform. The girls and I decided to perform Bollywood Dance as it will attract audiences’ attention compared to hip hop or pop dance which are somehow mainstream. Meanwhile we did Bollywood dance, Andy ,Hakim and two other girls decided to sing. Combination of the westerns and indians? Awesome! It’s like having Thosai for breakfast and burgers for lunch.

It wasn’t an easy experience for me as I know I’m never good in dancing. Knowing that Ms Wong pointed me out to be one of the Bollywood dancers, I couldn’t bear myself rejecting opportunity….. I don’t know why but I get upset whenever I reject opportunities.So means I never say No to Opportunities unless I have a good reason behind that.

I was the slowest when catching up the dancing steps. Our cheographer , also one of the dancers and it is Shaznay! So great to have her as our cheographer. Not only she taught us one by one the dancing steps, she ensured everyone is okay and enjoy the dance! She taught us simple dancing steps knowing that most of us are somehow beginner dancers and especially in Bollywood Dance.

Alternate Days we stayed back right after class for our dance rehearsal. Non stop until we did it.

And This is Jia Yan! She’s not one of any performer but she was there with us during our dnace rehearsals to support us and keep me entertained hehehehe!! So cute lah she

Thank you Abigail for the awesome twin braids! It took so long when you were braiding my hair, you mentioned my hair is the longest hair you have ever braided? hahahahaha I appreciate your effort dear!

Furthermore, I enjoyed applying makeup on Shasha and Abigail hhehehehe!!

Unexpectedly-Surprisingly, we won 3rd place for Business Services Got Talent Day 2016 and out of 3 winners, so happy to hear that we are the only Year 1 students who won! Good Job my beautiful fellow dancers and talented singers!!

This is Ms Wong, who would always target me and I’m actually afraid of her….

She’s a good teacher when she indirectly target us constantly. I love her ever since she nominated me to host previously! She targeted me again, even when I told her I can never dance , I can host for you.

Ms Wong, as a teacher, she proved me that with the positive willingness not to reject opportunities, is one of the key to know your strengths and weaknesses gradually, succeed.

I hosted an event and danced for another event and it happened in the same week itself. I am proud to say “I did it” despite losing someone.Having to face and talk to hundreds of audience after a bad night the previous night, it wasn’t easy. But I made it. How?

Tell yourself you are a coward if you choose to lose golden opportunities. By taking in and seeking opportunities, you will grow and explore. Seeing and facing new challenges, friends, environment and workmates will change your inner self positively if you are willing to be positive.

Looking back, I didn’t realized it is actually an emotional achievement till I know hardwork pays off and knowing how much I endure and choose to be positive.

I hope my blog post helped you in some areas based on my experiences. Remember to always seek opportunities and show off to your haters when you achieve!

That’s all I have for today! ❤❤

Yay I hosted with a SMU Student!

Since my friends has been asking why am I not updating my blog, so here I am back to share with you guys something.
And SINCE there are still people asking me what I was up to recently.

This is what happened.

Well, I was lucky enough to be picked by one of my CCA teacher, Ms Wendy. She texted me through Whatsapp asking me whether I am interested to emcee an upcoming event in my school. ( Usual me ) I screamed out of joy yayy
Shaznay was sitting next to me and I told her that too. She was happy and asked me to give it a shot since I like hosting and hosting opportunity have yet to come to me. Here it is, after so long always staring at emcees and wishing I could be like them.

“If you were to be a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?”
That sounds like a dumb question to be honest.
After so long trying to join the Student Council just for the blazer and I got rejected.
Oh ya, if I have not mentioned about how I got rejected…..
I went for a group interview for Student Council. The EXCOs look so good and formal , I like how they get to wear blazers all the time hahahaha
I went there all prepared for a formal-kind of interview.
If you think my reason for joining the SC is a dumb reason, you may wanna read this further.
After being asked a few questions, guess what question I was asked?
“If you were to be a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?”
“If you were to release a debut hit album, what would you name it and why?”
and another informal , very informal question I can’t recalled.
So I burst out of laughter. OMG I seriously can’t control my laughter. They were quite stunned, I guess.
Could you imagine if you were all prepared for a formal interview and this was what the interviewer asked you?
Yes. Personally, maybe they were trying to make this interesting. I was interested by that too, by bursting out of laughter.
After a week , I  found out that I wasn’t selected for Student Council. Maybe being a leader is not my thing, but an entertainer. i guess.


I told Ms Wendy that I am looking forward to host the upcoming event. She referred me to another teacher who was in charge of that particular event.
She called me for a rehearsal. I was quite nervous knowing that my emcee partner is a male and he may be my senior in school ( Higher Nitec )
But when I met him, I found out that he HE IS A STUDENT FROM SMU ( Singapore Management University )
I was quite shock but yet excited too as they are way more experienced than us, there are definitely so many things we can pick up as learning points from them.

Ooh ya the event is Citi-SMU & ITE Financial Literacy Awareness Day Closing Ceremony that took place few days back on 18 August 16 at ITE College West Auditorium. Basically competition among students from  ITE West , ITE East and ITE Central .


Some pictures were taken during the rehearsal day if you notice Professional Emcee Sean was not wearing a tie hehehe
He is indeed a Professional emcee and he needs to be on TV , I swear !!!!!!
He is the best host I’ve ever seen/met in my life , OMG
Therefore, I am so blessed and lucky that I was given the opportunity to host with him.
He is not the type of typical smart people who expects their host partner to be perfect or or meet his expectations. In fact , he didn’t had any expectations for me. He was there guiding me here and there on how to be cool and steady on stage. I learned quite alot of tips from him and also through observing him. Hosting and handing an event is certainly not and never easy. On the side note, he was not there only to host but also to handle the event preparation. Sounds like it’s his event hahahaa

My first speech rehearsal for this event was quite badly and horribly done. I have no idea why I am speaking too fast whenever I’m up for a speech or a presentation.

I was called to meet up with Ms Lisa for a few times personally to buck up on my pronunciation and speaking skills. It was quite tough and upsetting when I was try hard  to get to Sean’s speaking level as how Ms Lisa guided me on speaking skills.

I prayed and practiced before I go to bed in order not to disappoint anyone there including Sean and Ms Lisa as well as the young fit man who is always in black. I have no idea what is his name until the actual event itself I heard people calling his name. And that is Clement!
I received no good comment until the last two rehearsal , Clement , Sean and some others saying I spoke miles better than the first rehearsal. WHEW

My classmate , Valerie. Sadly she is not in my clique but my good friend who supports and cheer me up in school!
She would often come to me and ask me how am I doing and what am I up to. Then, we got closer as we always share about our crushes and common interests heehehehe
She is always wishing me good luck by sending me sweets texts and gifts before , during and after my rehearsal. Thank you sweetie
I really like the flower you gave me omgggg!!!

I had to skip 2 days of school ( woohoo! hahahah ) and been going around thanking people for wishing me luck and support. Thank you everyone for the sweet messages ( I even received good luck messages from people i dk hahaha )
I love you all ❤

I would definitely seek for more opportunities like this to develop myself and discover new things.
For some, there isn’t a need to be jealous.

Sean, if you are reading this,
I’m sorry if I had irritated you by asking where is your blazer hahahaha
I love wearing blazers that’s why hahahaah
I was glad nothing embarrassing happened to me. WHEW
I shared with Sean awhile before the actual event started, saying I have fear of going up on stage. But I like going up on stage. Sounds complicated but I will never forget my fall that happened this early year.
THANK GOD SEAN CAME although he was still recovering from flu
He is still so natural , cool and steady even when he is unwell, oh my you are really talented. HE NEEDS TO BE ON TV

After Sean & I hosted the event, I went to meet Haidah. We were chatting along the way while I took out my Ez-Link Card from my pocket. Realizing that Sean’s pen is in my pocket ooooooooooops
I shall take that as motivation pen hahahahaha

And this , marks the best day of my ITE life.YAY
18 AUGUST 2016



I Miss How School Served Us Free Food

I miss the place. The activity which Arinah & I discussed and decided that we should do it as a class in Tanjung Pinang,Indonesia.


Initially I  have no idea of what to write about down here, a friend of mine Hidayat literally gave me a topic to share with you guys. Then I thought it’s kinda silly of me sharing a travel story that happened few years back and he told me to go ahead and give it a ‘throwback’, so…..yea!

We took a ferry as a class along with the teachers and instructors there, it’s a good ride there before we took a van to directly get to our so called “1 star hotel” which took approximately slightly more than 2 hours drive.


Rainy Hands -.-

I looked like a loser OMG. No amount of foundation can cover up your imperfections when you are in a place without the luxury of air cons and even fans! Thankfully, I went for surgery for my sweaty palms a year ago before my school trip in 2014. Oh my, talking about my surgery, I remember myself requesting Ms Aini  to change my seat in class as I couldn’t feel the fan and my worksheets were damp because of my palms. ( Sounds crazy, I know but I’m serious ) I really thank my surgeon as no one now have to stare at my hands and judge me anymore.Well, Mr Chin did not knew it was a serious condition for me until he knew I had to go for surgery and I was hospitalized when my class went for a camp in Malaysia and that was in late 2013.

Washroom Sucks

Back then when we went Tanjung Pinang for an overseas learning trip, the place was literally the worst washrooms I’ve ever  went in and showered in that place. My bestfriend and I were smart enough to control our bladder and used the restaurant’s washroom instead. Still, there was a huge green insect ( it’s not a grasshopper ) lying in the restaurant washroom and I was totally shock and immediately opened the door and ran out. Ms George and Ms Goh was so shocked when they saw me reacting in that manner when I just ran off from the washroom. I giggled and told them everything was fine when they asked me if I was okay. Till today every time I step into the ladies , I always look out for any creepy crawlies lying around before I close the washroom’s door. Once Bitten , Twice Shy. -.- There was a blackout when the girls ( including me ) showered there. I’m afraid of darkness! Durga was there next to my shower room to actually distract me with jokes. She got pissed and she yelled “Bukak pintu lah!” instead of “Bukak Lampu Lah”. I was totally shock and I asked her why would she want for someone to open the door instead of switching on the lights. And we laughed.  There was actually a few lizards lying around and slowly crawling the ceiling of our shower rooms. That was my biggest fear I had experienced in the shower room. I am glad the lizard didn’t jumped on me or whatsoever. I felt like I was serving NS!!!!!!!

“Mayat” on Motor

This sounds lame if you are trying to get the joke by understanding  what I wrote here. Mayat is actually a corpse in malay. And Fatris, Azizi and some others saw a corpse- looking  guy wrapped by white cloth riding a motorbike , and we laugh . LOL. Can you imagine it? We also saw a family of three or four in a vespa/motorbike. You definitely won’t see this in Singapore.


You see Xavier and Joel’s face there! I’m not sure whether this is true but rumor has it that Xavier didn’t took his shower for the first few days of our trip. I’m not embarrassing him but that’s how Xavier was known among the instructors . Oh My God I’m looking at how skinny Hidayat was in 2014! I noticed that the girl is standing pose closely next to Hidayat too ahem hehehehehe

I can say the food in Indonesia is definitely nice. Not much of  difference compared to Singapore as we only eat at the same restaurant for every of our meals, we didn’t tried the street foods. We were given shopping time with a very short limited time, thanks to us girls including me who took our own sweet time to shop that the boys didn’t had the chance to shop and buy stuffs.

CIMG2235 (2)

I actually croped my face there hahahahaha ^ Oh yea you see some of my classmates together with the uncle there standing around the plants . We did gardening and we cleaned the place there at the local orphanage. Can’t recall which orphanage we went to there as we went there about a few years ago. This is a throwback post if you are wondering. -.-

This is the orphanage we went to. They called it “orphanage”,but I prefer saying the village filled with beautiful gifted kids. ❤



This is their classroom which some other class decided to clean it and painted it if I’m not wrong. 🙂


Looking back, I really miss the kids over there. They are just so friendly and most of them were just too shy to talk. Somehow, I had difficulty communicating with them as my malay is not as good as them. So all I could interact with them was my body language. Smiling and also greeting them in Bahasa Indonesia. When I asked them if they had taken their lunch, they told me with a wide smile”No, we only eat once a day” I was surprise that they only have meals such as 3 fried eggs a day and one of the girls there said they rarely eat rice. My jaws dropped.

When I went back to the restaurant for dinner and breakfast on the following morning, I ate 3 plates of rice. Was I emotional that point of time? hmm I don’t think so. I remember Haidah and I always eat more than a plate of rice ahahahaaha

I ate non stop as I know not everyone is fortunate to get the luxury in which you have it every single day in your life, every single meal your mummy cooks for you at home.

One thing that pissed me off was my flats were torn.I wasn’t worry because I knew I brought another spare pair of track shoes along with me. I wore the spare shoes, it torn , again. What a bad day! The boys were making fun of me as usual hahahaha . One of the instructor brought me to the nearest shop to get a new pair of shoes. I used the time to actually buy more stuffs. Not many people including the teachers knew that I was actually ‘shopping alone’ besides just buying a new pair of flats for myself.


I certainly miss this place even though the place wasn’t a comfortable environment for all of us. Nevertheless, I’m happy to see that we all endured and survived especially the patience the teachers and my classmates have when I complained way too much hehehe

Personally, what I learned from this is appreciation. You’ve always got to appreciate one another… Like Mr Chin always tells us , “All For One, One For All”. Yes, I think we all should practiced this and never make it a habit of not willing to help. I see mostly my classmates are much different compared to when they are in class. We just helped one another not only when one needs help. I also learned something that you should take this advice from me too , “Always Grab it When You Are Given an Opportunity”. If you feel that you are always the rejected one and don’t often get opportunities, then you should jolly well find and seek it. Some opportunity you are given in life  are the things you may not be interested in , but always give it a try as you’ll never know how hardship feels like until you have gone through it. Give it a try when you see opportunity. As for me, I’ve never like villages or old-fashioned place, but I know very well that I’m going there as a class to lend a helping hand to the locals there and to represent Singapore as well as our school. We are building an ‘image’ to them and also gain learning experiences. I never knew I love volunteering ever since I went for this trip. After going for this trip, I realized that I started to develop myself by participating in more of school trips, competitions and events than having to go home early straight after school to sleep.

Should Schools in Singapore Organize Overseas Learning Trip Like This For Students?

Yes, certainly! I hope more schools out there in Singapore or even other countries can organize more of learning trips like this for students. Without teachers’ words of advises to their students , trip like these can actually develop students positively in terms of character and experiences. This can also help them build interest in their contributing in schools and education. I’m also hoping that my current school will organize more of this kind of trip for us classes, preferably free is better.

Favorite Moments 

I would like to thank my bestie Durga and my other two favorite girls ( Haidah & Izzati! Who else? 🙂 ) for tolerating my ‘cowardliness’ and thank you so much for this unforgettable memories. Even funniest moments that made me laugh non stop till now , all thanks to the great comedians Xavier , Hidayat , Joel , Fatris and the others.

Oh yea, after this trip, I was nominated by my teachers to give a talk and presentation to the whole entire school during assembly. I know I screwed up a little bit, but I managed to cover up and presented a good image. From there, I fell in love with public speaking although I thought to myself my talk wasn’t that good enough but my teachers started complimenting me YAY/

Oh my, I didn’t know I actually have quite a lot to write and share about to you guys till Hidayat assigned me to do this. Thank you and this is all I have hehehee


Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day, YAY to you naughty kids who are trying to show sudden affection and concern to your fellow mums. And then she will be amazed by your contribution for Mother’s Day, the next day, it came back to “your normal days”. This is Mother’s Day in our society/generation.
I am quite curious on what is Mother’s Day to you. I mean among my friends as well as some of my fellow old friends who look like strangers to me now. ( I’ll come to that some other time.)
For those either reading this or keen to know WHAT IS MOTHER’S DAY LET ME SHARE WITH YOU. ( Through my opinions )
I feel that Mother’s Day shouldn’t be celebrated. I feel that Mother’s Day shouldn’t exist in the first place (WHY?!).
I’m not hating it nor disliking it. I am just a bit clueless here. As I grow older, I feel that mother’s day is pointless.
Can anybody ask me why?
Mother’s / Father’s / Sister’s or whatever day you believe is abit useless to me.
As I was browsing through social media, I saw some only spend time with their mums only on mother’s day or other occasion.
I think that shouldn’t be the way on how you spend time or treat your parents.
Be it whether you are busy with packed schedule for school,meetings,work,CCAs so on and so forth , are you aware that your mum is observing you? ( I mix with quite alot of mums , so I know ;))
I agree that Mother’s Day is a modern celebration honoring one’s own mother.
But…. why not show her “that” daily?
She went through alot of challenges and struggles trying to raise you, your little simple daily contribution can actually make her day.
Why not bring her for a dinner atleast once a week to bond with her more?
Why not share your thoughts and feelings to her?
Why not work hard to impress her?
Why not smile at her (atleast!) when sadly you know you both are not talking to each other?
Why not talk it out with her when you are not in good terms with her? Some of you may said it’s pretty useless as she won’t bother, u know it, then talk to her with more sense .
For a few years til now, I am blessed to have met some of my beautiful friends.
I am deeply sorry to hear if anyone of you are still young and been raised without parents(or a mum). Without parents, you are living with your guardians that should be fine as you still received love. I have a beautiful bestie who was raised without parents or guardians and is still happy and independent. I respect you alot, you know who you are 😘.
Some have parent’s who are currently separated.
I am sorry to hear this from you too. But I just wanna say I really love you people. Really.
You inspire me whenever you share your thoughts and feelings to me.
You may be just sharing your past/current experiences to me, yea it’s just sharing to you but it means alot to me and others who are willing to lend you shoulders and listening ears. I learned alot. When you feel like giving up that’s when people will start looking down on you. That’s when you gain Huge Loss. That’s when you lose your name.
I can feel how unappreciative some people/teens are to their parents when they start to get impatient. To you rude people, try putting yourself into their situation. I believe you will gradually regret it. It feels incomplete to be living without a parent. I felt that when I went to Perth for a school trip. It gave me a little taste of people who is parentless out there. It’s really hard I swear.
Through this, I always make sure my mum sleeps before I do, I make sure she’s happy.
Through your experiences , I hope you can explore here and there to inspire people and guide people up when they are down. I realized that I really have nothing much to organize for my mum for Mother’s Day as I treat the same way as how you naughty kids treat her only on Mother’s Day.
That’s all I have 😘
I know I am not into Mother’s Day or whoever’s Day. ( But I’m not against it ) But it’s sounds like an occasion day to everyone of us here.
I would like to wish every mum a Happy Mother’s Day! Stay strong, stay happy.
To be honest she only wants to see you excel in life , not any flowers u can get it at your nearby floristry (floristry or florist?)

Anyways, what a great day to be born on Mother’s Day? A friend of mine whom I met about 4 years ago , who was just close to me since last year , Year 2012, from an ordinary classmate you became a good friend to me. You turned up to be overly competitive towards me in studies but we still shook hands and helped each other. (Started from when you were constantly borrowing my ruler and me providing you tissues when you need it ) And then we ended up looking like strangers and enemies due to some reason you got influenced not to be close with me unreasonably. Last year after PE, I was alone with you for few hours when you were vomiting and had a terrible headache. Hey, I actually saw your face. You felt guilty ignoring me and at the same time I was doing my duty to help you and refusing to leave you all alone. Hmm well, I’m apparently better than her inside and out and I got you back as my closest business buddy!
Stay healthy okay? Keep in touch more often and never forget, you travel further distance every single day TO EXCEL. Happy 17th Birthday My dear Haidah May God Bless You!! May we be bless for our friendship to be permanent!



Still Adapting

It’s been almost 3 months in my new school and I’m glad I can adapt well to the environment here. And especially handling with some people who have been bad mouthing me ( for no reason ) , not handling them but laughing at them actually HAHAHAHAHAHA

Here’s another new update about my current new school and friends! So Interesting! I just wanna say I feel blessed to have met these friendly faces in my school. On the other hand, I was pretty upset with some of my old friends who decided to give up halfway but acting like they are so active in school. Cut the crap. Don’t act cool when you are not. It really irritates me as well as people around you. That’s okay! Let’s put our negative comments aside.

I wanna say that most of my classmates ( except for some ) are really amazing! Especially people like Shasha,Shaznay , Abigail, Valerie , Iman and some others.  😀 Really enjoy talking to them. One thing that makes conversations interesting to me is that as long as our conversation is meaningful , something that can make me smile and some areas in which I can learn from them too. It’s quite hilarious that some people came out with a name for me called “Caterpillar” because of my eyebrows are looking thick from their view. Till now, I always wonder how is caterpillar related to eyebrows? Does a caterpillar have brows?

I’m feeling a bit pressured now because a week ago I was told by  Iman to write a blog post about him( sounds like an assignment for me? ) Eh Chill leh , I only know you for about few weeks? 😀 I have roughly nothing much to write . Some time ago , I asked a handful of people what does life mean to them and the most surprising answer was from Iman. He answered me “Born Sadness , Die with Happiness”. I was quite curious as I know there must be a reason behind why he said that. But then with my usual insane-ness , I burst out with laughter wondering why must we feel sad when we are born. From what I know, when we are born , crying is a deliberate act of nature to make our breathing process by drawing air into the lungs. So what has this got to do with the definition of “Life”? Reflecting back,  I regret laughing at him after when he explained to me why. He may not feel offended but , but I apologize as I took it as a laughing matter. I do not wish to reveal people’s personal issues , but if you are interested to know , why not ask him on the comment section down in his video? Maybe he will be impressed and will immediately upload another video lol

IMG-20160126-WA0020.jpg Valerie!



< Yanti !





Dunearn Secondary School 54th Annual Speech Day

Finally! I have been waiting for this day ( 4th March 2016 ) to receive my award and to visit my favorite teachers! Haidah was with me for the event and I still have so much to catch up with her although I just met her last week! Sadly , my secondary school classmate who used to be my peer tutor ( Nicholas Leow! ) was not present for the event. I know I didn’t get distinction for Mathematics ( I’m sorry! 😦 ) But still I did received an award for “3 Distinctions” right? We are one of them ! But actually that wasn’t good enough either. One thing for sure I can’t keep whining about my N level results. Oh, WAIT A MINUTE : Why am I still dragging this topic about N level till now?



You may be wondering what is that man doing next to the teenager(Xavier) . Till now, I am ….. still not sure of the Chinese teacher’s name…( Mr Ang?) Seeing his enthusiasm towards Xavier the moment he saw Xavier , I strongly believe that Xavier is his favorite student .Speaking of Xavier , I’m happy that you and Hidayat are doing well in school,keep going don’t give up!

Fear of Going up on Stage

I did mentioned about my secondary school classmate , Xavier who has a fear of heights ( e.g. riding extreme roller coasters ) . Like how terrified he was of heights but still forced himself to ride a roller coaster , I can say I was in his shoes few days back during the Speech’s Day. But for my case , it was fear of going up on stage due to to my terrible experience on stage in my new school when I fall off from the stage. I was really frightened and I kept praying to myself without anyone knowing. Worse still I was wearing heels because that’s part of my business uniform attire ( The heels I wore isn’t really that high like those Gaga’s heels you may randomly think of ) AND I MADE IT WITHOUT FAIL !! All went well , and even though the food wasn’t that delicious , eating with my classmates can literally make me choke! ( You know what I mean the 4 of you )